The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer
Robbie is the perfect wedding singer until the unthinkable happens and he gets dumped at the altar! Will his friendship with Julia, who’s engaged to Glenn, help him through his tough times? Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching “The Wedding Singer”.

∙ At the beginning of the movie, when Robbie is first seen performing at a wedding, Dave, the best man, is wearing a bow tie during his toast to the bride and groom. The collar near his right shoulder changes from being over his bow tie and under it throughout the scene.

∙ Robbie is singing for the first time after Linda dumps him. Robbie is singing “Holiday” and right after the line “…it would be so nice” there is a quick glimpse of his left hand on the microphone. There is a silvery ring near the tip of one of his fingers. But a few moments later, the ring is gone!

∙ When Robbie is in the dumpster while talking to Julia, the trash around him changes position during the scene. This is especially noticeable with a greenish/grey ring. The ring is originally near his right side when he is first shown. A moment later, the ring is on top of him. When Julia mentions the “cops that are still interviewing witnesses”, the scene switches back to Robbie and the ring is once again to his right.

∙ When Robbie, Julia, Holly and Sammy are sampling wedding cake, Robbie eats a piece and there are two slices left on the plate. The scene switches angles when Robbie takes a piece of cake to give to the woman behind him, and the last piece has suddenly disappeared (the plate is now empty). When Robbie starts to walk away, the last piece of cake has reappeared.

∙ When Robbie and Sammy are at the bar after Robbie’s run-in with Julia, the two are talking when an old man comes over and puts his arms around Sammy. When Robbie says “Thank you Sammy”, the close-up shows the older man’s hands on Sammy’s left shoulder and on his chest (right under his neck). It then cuts to a wider view. The older man’s left hand is still on Sammy’s shoulder but his other hand is now on Sammy’s right arm.

∙ Rosie serenades Frank at their anniversary celebration. When Frank hugs her, during the close-up she’s shown to be on his left. The scene cuts to Robbie and Sammy and then back to Frank and Rosie, who is now on Frank’s right side!

“The Wedding Singer” (1998) stars Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Christine Taylor, Allen Covert, Matthew Glave and Alexis Arquette. It runs 95 minutes and is rated PG-13 for sex-related material and language.

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