Office Space

Office Space
Some of the employees at Initech aren’t exactly happy with their jobs. Amidst long hours, crazy management, the possibility of losing their jobs and TPS reports, Peter along with his friends and co-workers, Michael Bolton and Samir, decides to go to extreme lengths to get some job satisfaction. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching “Office Space”.

∙ At the beginning of the movie, Bill Lumbergh pulls into his parking spot at the front of the building. The sign in front of the parking space says “Reserved For Bill Lumbergh – Division V.P.”. Later in the movie, when Peter pulls into Bill’s parking space, the sign reads “Reserved For Bill Lumbergh”.

∙ Peter arrives home and Lawrence is talking to him through the walls of the apartment. When Lawrence finally comes over, the view of him outside of the apartment shows he’s carrying a drink in his left hand while he’s opening the door with his right hand. But in the next view of him, from inside the apartment, it’s his left hand on the door handle and the drink is now in his right hand.

∙ Peter is talking to the Bobs while sitting at the conference table. When Peter first walks into the room, the third chair (the one directly across from the Bobs) is askew, at an angle against the table. But, after Peter pours his water, he pulls out the same chair, which is now aligned with the others seats and pushed towards the table.

∙ Peter and Joanna are in the car on the way to Tom’s BBQ. Joanna’s hair is flat (and not moving) when the scene is shown from Peter’s side of the car. But, when the view switches to Joanna’s right side (looking over her shoulder towards Peter), her hair seems to be blowing in the wind!

∙ Lumbergh is talking to Milton whose desk has been moved to the basement. In the far view of Lumbergh, his coffee cup is in his right hand. But in the following close-up, when Dom tells him about the “system glitch”, his coffee cup is in his left hand.

∙ Near the end of the movie, Peter tries to make amends and is talking to Joanna in the parking lot. Throughout most of the scene, Joanna is wearing her red shirt and is holding her blue jean jacket over her arm. But when Peter embraces her, the back view of Joanna shows that she’s now wearing the jacket!

“Office Space” (1999) stars Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston, David Herman, Ajay Naidu, Diedrich Bader, Stephen Root, Gary Cole, Richard Riehle, John C. McGinley and Paul Wilson. It runs 89 minutes and is rated R for language and brief sexuality.

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