Computer Gaming vs Console Gaming

Computer Gaming vs Console Gaming
It's a battle that computer gamers are having more and more trouble with. There are fewer good PC games coming out. There are tons of console games. Why?

Well, first off, PCs used to be machines that people used a few hours a day, as a special treat. It was fun. In modern times many people are on their computer from the moment they wake up until the moment they go to sleep. They are tired of sitting in their office chair - no matter how ergonomic - staring at even a "big" computer monitor.

Nope, instead they want to lounge back on their couch, look at the lush, rich colors on their 42" widescreen high definition TV, and hear the sound coming out of their 7.l high quality surround sound system. They want their feet up on the coffee table, their dog or significant other curled up at their side, drinking a mug of beer and munching on potato chips.

In the old days, you put up with the discomfort of your PC because the video quality and game quality was so much higher than what you could get on a console. However, I've been playing pretty much non-stop with my XBox 360 since it came out - and it looks really nice. I can't wait for the PS3 to come out. The game range is great, too. There are sports games, role playing games, fighting games, and much more.

So why do I still play PC games? I love the strategy genre, like Command & Conquer, as well as the city-building games such as Caesar and Zoo Tycoon. Those just haven't translated well to the console, I imagine mostly because you would really want more buttons. People complain when they have to buy an extra keyboard for a console.

But heck, if I could lounge back on my futon, enjoying a glass of Shiraz, playing zoo tycoon in complete comfort, I think I'd go for that in a heartbeat. When friends came over, they could hang out and play with me, instead of having to crowd around the PC.

It's already happening. They have devices nowadays - and I've bought two of them - that let you send your iTunes music and photos to your TV to listen to them there. I do have good quality speakers on my PC - but if you've got friends hanging around and talking, and you can have the music playing on your main stereo and slideshows paging by on your TV, it's perfect entertainment.

So in the end, I really think we're seeing a merging of the two. It's not really going to be about consoles or PCs. It's going to be all electronic devices playing in your living room, in a situation where you are very comfortable. It'll be like people arguing about VHS or BetaMax - it doesn't matter, we've all moved on to DVDs :)

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