Darkened Skye & Skittles

Darkened Skye & Skittles
It´s not often that I burst out laughing in the middle of a game because of a magic item. This game definitely deserved it.

I got this game because it had a young woman on its cover, and talked about roleplaying, magic, puzzles and witty humor. I thought this was definitely the kind of game to review for a woman´s site! The beginning of the game was encouraging - nice graphics, great humor, sort of a Longest Journey explore-and-learn game.

Then, you run across a strange item. It´s a small oval colored object with a S on it. "Jeez, it looks like a Skittle" I said to myself, laughing. You go further, fighting monsters, doing some hop-hop-hop arcade sorts of things. Then you reach the Old Woman. And she gasps when she sees what you have. "What you have there," she says in astonishment, "is ... a Skittle!"

That was just too much for me, I was rolling on the floor. A game whose purpose it is to sell you candy? As if most game players need any enticement! They definitely don´t mention this anywhere on the box.

There are some annoying aspects to the game (besides the blatant pushing of small colorful candies). The movement is a little flaky. The video playing is also flaky - you can go through the same scene twice and one time it´ll show you a video and the next time you play that scene (with a new character) it won´t. But the humor is great, and the graphics are nice. You might even call it ... eye candy.

Recommended if you enjoy RPGs with a sense of humor.

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