What To Sell On eBay

What To Sell On eBay
Don't feel bad if you are wondering what to sell on eBay, it's very common especially after you have sold everything there is left to sell from your own home.

You're now left with the addiction of making money, but have nothing to sell.

The best way to answer this popular question, is with a question . . .

What are your interests, your hobbies, things that excite you?

The best sellers on eBay have found a niche, a small market of hungry buyers where there wasn't much of a supply. Granted it's getting harder and harder to find such an opportunity, but they are still out there.

The best way to find your niche is to bury yourself in browsing eBay, start at the category page.

Go To eBay's Main Category Page

What you want to do is choose a main category, then on the following page enter the word - powerseller - in the search box, and check the box to search within the description as well as title. (also make sure the search within - what ever your category is - box is checked) then click the search button.

Now you can start looking at the auctions with lots of bids, start looking at the sellers and their other auctions. Then take note of what they're selling. Often times you can discover what the manufacturer is of the products they are selling. With that information you can contact the manufacturer to get a list of distributors / wholesalers you can buy from.

Another popular way to find out if something is going to sell well, is to look at the wholesale lot auctions. Look at the sellers feedback and see if there are any multiple buyers, if you find some with high feedback then go check out the buyers feedback and see if they have any recent products for sale from buying the wholesale lot.

Before you start buying from wholesale companies you will need to obtain a Resale Tax ID# in order to purchase from most wholesale companies. The best way to get one is to look up the requirements for your local city and state by going to https://www.firstgov.gov and choosing to view state information, Then from there look for something related to doing business in your state, or tax information.

Contrary to popular belief, getting products is a lot easier than figuring out what you want to sell. It will take a lot of research to make sure you have a market where there is profit.

One word of caution, stay away from the electronics categories, there is such high competition in that area that beginning sellers never make it back with out quitting and blaming ebay for their failure. If after you have established a good run in a competitive market of eBay and you feel like tackling the electronics then by all means go for it, but NEVER start in the electronics.

Enjoy . . . Scott

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