Presser Feet - Narrow Rolled Hem and Ruffler Foot

Presser Feet - Narrow Rolled Hem and Ruffler  Foot
Now that we have covered the most commonly used basic sewing machine presser feet, it is time to take a look at some of the specialty feet that can simplify sewing tasks such as seam binding or darning, among others.

While, the basic purpose of a presser foot is to hold the fabric in place while it is moving through the sewing machine, specialty feet can actually manipulate and control the fabric or embellishments to make certain applications easier. Many of these feet are universal snap-on feet, but there are some that need to be specifically matched to your machine, so when purchasing supplementary feet, read the specifications to ensure that the presser foot will work on your machine.

You may think it impractical to purchase specialized presser feet for sewing tasks that you may only do a few times a year, but after using, for example a binding foot, you may find yourself doing more sewing projects using that particular method because it is so much easier to do than before you purchased the presser foot.

In my case, it was a specific foot that caused me to purchase the sewing machine that I currently use. One day, I went into my local sewing machine store (Oh Cathey's how I miss you) and while waiting to pick up my serger from servicing, I started playing around on the display sewing machines and found this machine with a stitch in the ditch presser foot and fell in love with it. I was doing a lot of quilting at the time and I am not the best at stitching in the ditch when putting on bindings and those stitches that hopped the edge drove me crazy. Now, I use that stitch in the ditch presser foot constantly, and not just for ditch stitching, but also for edge stitching because I can adjust the position of my needle to sew a consistent distance from the seam edge. I would never go back to a machine without one now. Here's a quick video that shows you how the stitch in the ditch presser foot works:

Narrow Rolled Hem Presser FootThis narrow rolled hem presser foot rolls the fabric up into a channel in the foot and then flattens it for sewing. With this foot you can sew a beautiful rolled hem on lightweight fabric with just a bit of prep work. To make starting the hem easier, press a narrow hem for the first few inches along the beginning edge and then carefully guide the fabric through, keeping it straight. Since it is kind of hard to visualize how it works, I have linked to a video below that shows the foot in action. This is a great way to hem formal gowns for prom. If you are interested in sewing wider hems, there is a set of rolled hem presser feet that you can buy that sew hems from 1/4" - 7/8" wide.

Ruffler Presser FootThis monstrous looking thing is actually a ruffler foot that pleats fabric as you sew by using a blade to push the fabric into a pleat under the foot. The ruffler presser foot can be used on one piece of fabric alone to ruffle it, or you can put a piece of fabric underneath and it will pleat the top fabric while sewing the two together. Pretty nifty. I have linked to another video below because it is ingenious how this works.

There are many more specialized feet to discuss so be sure to check back to learn about the cording foot, the pin-tuck foot, the binding foot among others. There is even a button sewing machine presser foot that holds a button in place so you can sew it down! No more hand sewing buttons!

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