Soldner - Secret Wars

Soldner - Secret Wars
That's not a typo, the name of this game is actually Soldner. This first person shooter claims to have 2 million miles of terrain to explore.

The character creation is rather nice. There are amazing combinations of helmet, clothing, design, etc. to truly make a character that reflects your attitude. The chance of finding someone else just like you in the game is slim.

Game graphics are rather decent. There are various terrains, rain, snow, fog. There are buildings, forests, meadows. In addition, the terrain is deformable. You can shoot out the glass windows, blow up the buildings, knock down the trees. The buildings send up clouds of smoke as they fall.

On the downside, though, the graphics engine is very flaky. You can be driving along a road and POOF it'll vanish beneath your feet, only to reappear later on. It might temporarily turn at a 90 degree angle and then revert to its normal orientation.

Sound is reasonably good, with stirring battle music and sounds of gunshots and tanks seeming relatively realistic. There isn't much ambient sound to truly immerse you, though.

Single player is quest based, moving from task to task. You can take over tanks, jeeps and other vehicles along your road to glory.

In multiplayer, you're on a server with up to 32 people. Unfortunately the servers - including the patch server - seem to be randomly sick, making it hard to even try out the online gaming.

While this is a great concept, it doesn't seem to be quite fully implemented. The long load times, flaky graphics, and server issues keep adding 'speed bumps' in your enjoyment, which might ultimately cause you to just go play another game that works properly.

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