American Holidays, Taxes, Tea and the 4th of July

American Holidays, Taxes, Tea and the 4th of July
Americans have been protesting taxes from the beginning of American history. Taxation without representation was a battle cry that rang through the land in 1765 and 1767 regarding the attempts by the British to tax the colonies without them having representation in the Westminster Parliament. Oddly enough the Boston Tea Party was held because of the removal of a tax. Britain removed the Tea Tax which was seen by the American Revolutionaries as a way to undermine American freedom by offering the tea imported from Britain for a lower price than the American merchants could sell their imported tea for profitably. The Americans were importing supplies from other sources such as the Netherlands. So, some of them decided to make some noise in Boston by throwing the tea overboard into the Boston Harbor. So it would seem that sometimes even when taxes go down, or are removed, there may be an ulterior motive behind why they were lowered and who the decrease really helps. In America we are now supposedly represented by the officials we put into office so it’s important to make some noise when you have the opportunity to by voting. It’s one way to honor the great beginnings of this great country. Now the Boston Tea Party was not held on the 4th of July but this great American holiday does bring thoughts of sipping Iced Tea to mind as well as picnics with family and friends, great food and fireworks. Allow me to share with you some special thoughts about FIREWORKS and what they might mean on THE FOURTH OF JULY!


There’s pretty thunder in the sky,
I’m not sure how it gets there and I don’t know why.
Mommy sez its up there because it’s the 4th of July.
And its as American as picnics and homemade Apple Pie.
Daddy sez its up there as a Patriotic display,
A special way to commemorate a very special day.
My Grandpa sez its up there to remind us that we’re free,
And my Gramma sez its up there especially for me.
My Brother sez its up there because it’s Independence Day.
My Sister sez its up there because we’re allowed to pray.
The man who’s on the loud speaker sez
It’s for a celebration of a free and united nation,
The man there in the uniform sez its such a beautiful sight,
Much better than light from gunfire in the darkened sky of night.
There’s pretty thunder in the sky,
I’m not sure how it gets there but I think that maybe I now know why.
I think it’s to celebrate the United States of America
And its land and its seas and it skies,
The strength and beauty of this nation,
Declared by the thunderous illuminated sky.

By Kate Woods
From An American Holiday Patchwork

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