Bo & Hope Brady - The History of a Supercouple

Bo & Hope Brady - The History of a Supercouple
According to Wikipedia, a supercouple "is a romantic pairing on a program that becomes extremely popular with fans, captivates the audience's attention, exceeds the network's expectations and transcends the normal pairings on the show. Often, the supercouple will become a de facto symbol for the show itself."

One of the greatest super couples is Bo and Hope Brady.

In 1983 Bo was riding his motorcycle and met this young rich kid, Hope Williams who he gave the nickname Fancy Face. Bo and Hope fell in love but Hope’s father Doug wanted her to marry politician Larry Welch. During the wedding, Bo kidnapped Hope but Larry’s men found her and she was forced to marry him. Hope faked a pregnancy, saying the baby belonged to Bo in order to keep from consummating the marriage. Hope was eventually able to get out of that marriage and was able to marry Bo.

Bo had found out that his biological father was Victor Kiriakis and the newlyweds moved into the Kiriakis mansion. Hope became pregnant but the stress of living with Victor caused her to miscarry. This caused problems for the couple and they separated. While they were separated Hope discovered she was again pregnant. She gave birth to Bo’s son, Shawn Douglas Brady in 1987.

Hope had a strong desire for a house with a white picket fence. Bo surprised her by buying a boat and putting a picket fence on the deck. He named the boat the “Fancy Face” and the three of them left Salem to sail around the world. They returned three years later but their time together was cut short. They were on the Cruise of Deception with Ernest Toscano when Bo was kidnapped. They were eventually reunited but Hope was put in a cage over a vat of acid. There was an explosion and it appeared the cage with Hope inside went into the acid.

During the time Hope was believed dead Bo got involved with Carly and eventually fell in love with Billie Reed. In 1994 Bo proposed to Billie and moments later John came into the room carrying an unconscious woman. It turned out to be Hope. Hope believed her name was Gina and Bo refused to believe she could be his precious Hope. A year later Bo realized Gina really was Hope. Now he had a decision to make. Who did he stay with, Billie or Hope? Eventually Bo’s true feelings came out. On Bo and Hope’s wedding day Bo fell in the freezing lake. Trying to conserve body heat Billie got undressed and laid next to him. Hope found them together and called off the wedding.

Bo and Billie became involved in a drug smuggling case the drug dealer forced Bo to marry Billie. Hope was made a bridesmaid and Bo, thinking Hope didn’t love him anymore made love to Billie and she got pregnant. Billie gave birth prematurely and the baby was presumed dead. Billie blamed it on an argument she had with Hope and the guilt kept Bo and Hope apart.

Bo was curious about Hopes past when she thought she was Gina and went searching. It was after this that Hope started having a different personality and she was transformed into Princess Gina. Gina had been involved with John and Stefano DiMera. She was also involved in art theft. Hope/Gina were imprisoned and when they were rescued by Bo and returned to Salem Hope was pregnant. Bo knew the baby wasn’t his but he and Hope were married in June 2000 as Hope was preparing to give birth. It was later revealed that the baby Bo and Hope had was switched at birth with the baby Lexie and Abe had adopted. They eventually regained custody of their son Zack and it was found out that Bo was the baby’s father.

A few years later it was discovered that Bo and Billie’s baby, a girl, Georgia was alive and they began searching for her. They soon found their daughter was Chelsea Benson and was living in Salem. Chelsea started causing problems between Bo and Hope in an attempt to reunite Bo and Billie. On New Years Eve Zach was killed by a hit and run driver who turned out to be Chelsea. After Zach’s death Hope was unable to forgive Bo for allowing Chelsea to drive his car and they separated. Bo and Hope reunited and Hope discovered she was pregnant. A paternity test showed the father was Patrick Lockhart but as Hope was giving birth Patrick revealed that Bo was actually the father.

What makes Bo and Hope a supercouple is their chemistry with each other. This can't be manufactured by the writers. Many couples are forced together and the shows try to create the next supercouple pairing but it falls short. Supercoupledom is something that just happens, it's something the viewers see that make this couple work. No matter what problems they have, Bo and Hope will always be a couple in the viewer's eyes.

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