Pop Treats - Cobra Starship, Jordin Sparks, & More

Pop Treats - Cobra Starship, Jordin Sparks, & More

It’s that time again…it’s time for a musical snack consisting of some of pop music’s yummiest tunes. Last time I brought you three awesome songs worth downloading, and this week I’m kicking it into high gear by brining you five ‘must have’ songs that will keep your iPod happy all summer long. Your summer has just been spiced up – you’re welcome. Enjoy!

Cobra Starship – “Good Girls Go Bad”

The moment the song starts playing your body immediately reacts with a little toe tapping or slight head bobbing. As the song progresses the urge to dance in your chair or dramatically lip-synch along becomes simply undeniable. Each beat encourages the bad dancer within to rock out with reckless abandon. “Good Girls Go Bad” from Cobra Starship is a fun, energizing, and catchy song that will fit in perfectly with your summer soundtrack. This song is like an ice cream cone topped with sprinkles—something this good is bound to bring a smile to your face and add a little dance to your step. Only those with serious self-control and a sincere hatred for ice cream cones will be able to sit still when this song comes on. Oh, and yes… that was your boss dancing along in the elevator.

Tasty Fun Fact: “Good Girls Go Bad” features Leighton Meester from the popular television show Gossip Girl.

Get Your Fix: Learn more about Cobra Starship and “Good Girls Go Bad” by visiting the official website, becoming a friend on MySpace, becoming a fan on Facebook, or following on twitter.

The Veronicas – “Take Me On The Floor”

Every girl needs a go to song on her iPod for those days when she’s feeling a little bit sassy. “Take Me On The Floor” from The Veronicas is definitely one of those songs. Whether you’re humming along as you primp for that hot date or singing into your hair brush post-date (because, admit it… your date was cute and you never grow out of singing into your hair brush), this song will energize you, give you a little saucy smirk, and add a pinch of sass to your mood. Oh, and the best part? With “Take Me On The Floor” you just might find yourself dancing along which means you can totally order desert tonight guilt-free. Score!

Tasty Fun Fact: “Take Me On The Floor” was featured in television ads for the 2008 season of Dancing with the Stars in Australia.

Get Your Fix: Learn more about The Veronicas and “Take Me On The Floor” by visiting the official website, becoming a friend on MySpace, becoming a fan on Facebook, or following on twitter.

Paradiso Girls – “Patron Tequila”

Continuing along with the sassy vibe we make our way to “Patron Tequila” from Paradiso Girls. Just in time for summer this rising female group brings us a perfect hands down party song. This upbeat song, chock full of sass and fun, has been receiving increased spins at radio stations across the country. A little bit cheeky and very playful “Patron Tequila” is a guaranteed way to get the party started this summer – just don’t play it at the company barbeque or family reunion; that would be awkward.

Tasty Fun Fact: “Patron Tequila” features Lil Jon and Eve.

Get Your Fix: Learn more about Paradiso Girls and “Patron Tequila” by visiting the official website, becoming a friend on MySpace, or becoming a fan on Facebook.

Jordin Sparks – “Battlefield”

Every relationship has its hiccups, and even though curling up in a pile of pillows with a pint of ice cream and a soup spoon is helpful…having a song on your iPod that puts your feelings into words is a great comfort. In 1983 Pat Benatar sang that “Love Is a Battlefield” and now 26 years later American Idol sweetheart Jordin Sparks has taken to the mic with her emotive vocals to remind us that love is indeed still a battlefield. While “Battlefield” from Jordin Sparks stands on its own as a different song from Benatar’s hit, the two songs still share similar sentiments. So go ahead, grab that container of mint chocolate chip with your name on it, put on “Battlefield”, and give it time. This too shall pass, doll.

Tasty Fun Fact: “Battlefield” was written and produced by OneRepublic frontman and Grammy nominated songwriter/producer Ryan Tedder.

Get Your Fix: Learn more about Jordin Sparks and “Battlefield” by visiting the official website, becoming a friend on MySpace, becoming a fan on Facebook, or following on twitter.

Shinedown – “Second Chance”

You have a dream and you’ve found the courage within to say ‘goodbye’ and follow that dream. As you find yourself standing on the edge preparing to leap into the unknown having a soundtrack for your journey towards self discovery reminds you that you aren’t alone. “Second Chance” from Shinedown is an intense crossover rock song with heartfelt and honest lyrics that will hit a chord with all of you dreamers out there. Admit it; there are some days when nothing but a rock song will do it for you. Now whenever you need a little encouragement all you need to do is turn on your iPod and spread your wings.

Tasty Fun Fact: “Second Chance” has been certified Gold and has become the band’s first song to make it into the Top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Get Your Fix: Learn more about Shinedown and “Second Chance” by visiting the official website or becoming a friend on MySpace.

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