Doom 3 - Horror Gaming

Doom 3 - Horror Gaming
Just about any adult gamer out there grew up playing Doom and its siblings. The scary floating-eye monsters were a part of our world. Doom 3 brings this to modern day gamers.

First, if you haven't heard of the Doom series or read the hype surrounding this latest release, let me warn you - THIS IS MATURE. This isn't appropriate for your 8 year old nephew to play. If you're 12 years old and squeamish about blood, this will give you nightmares. This game is about blowing up zombies with shotguns, and bloody body parts spraying around the room. It's about creeping through a pitch-black room and having giant nasty spiders leaping out you with loud screams. Even adults get nightmares after playing this game.

But that's the whole point. It is a horror game to immerse lovers of the horror genre in that environment. It's made for adults, it's clearly labelled as being for mature audiences. If a parent makes the decision that their 15 year old child can handle the gore, then they should be prepared for the nightmares and nervous behavior that might follow.

On to gameplay. The graphics are GORGEOUS. It's amazing to compare this with the first Doom. The smooth seams on creatures' bodies, the lighting, the textures, it all really immerses you in the sci-fi world you are exploring. I wish you could hold the flashlight AND the gun at the same time, but maybe that would have taken away from the scary feeling that it's dark out there.

The sounds really help draw you in. You find yourself straining to hear for noises ahead, and then jumping out of your seat when something snarls right behind you. Those transitions between quiet and loud are classic in any horror movie and are well utilized here.

The gameplay itself is classic Doom. Wander down hall. Things leap out at you. Slay them. Go into next room. Surprise! Things leap out at you. You slay them. This isn't a puzzle-solving game or a high strategic environment. It is about slaying zombies in bloody fashion and being scared silly while you do it. That's what you need to expect, and if you enjoy that, you'll be thrilled.

Well recommended to play back-to-back with the original Doom, to see first hand the progress of the gaming industry!

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