Bali - Coffee Plantations

Bali  - Coffee Plantations
The island of Bali, Indonesia has numerous coffee plantations. The Dutch introduced the coffee bean to the island and exported it worldwide. Long after Bali gained independence from the Netherlands, coffee plantations are still major money makers. They produce coffee for export and double as tourist attractions.

The romantic tropical history lures visitors across the seas. People want to see the Bali plantations carved from the steamy jungles. They want to view sunsets while sitting on the veranda sipping a tall cool drink under a gently swaying fan. They want to smell the fragrant ripe coffee berries. They want to hear insects chirp off in the distance. These sights and sounds are what Bali represents to many people around the world.

There are two ways to experience this Bali. One is vacation on a coffee plantation. The other is to take a day tour.

Villas and suites are available for rent. They are delightful way to enjoy the old colonial plantation life. You can stroll on the grounds while soaking up the atmosphere. Luxury and service are part of this delightful paradise. Imagine waking and drinking coffee grown on the grounds.

Coffee plantation tours are available to the visitor. There are several tour operators from whom to choose. The tours range from a couple of hours to a full day with meals included. You can hike through the humid jungle to reach the plantation. Or, secondly ride an air-conditioned bus complete with bottled water. There are provisions available for the disabled.

The coffee plantations’ tours are fascinating. The main consideration is the size of the plantation. On a small plantation the visitor is likely to see the trees harvested by hand. This experience is great for the romantic craving for the past. On the larger plantations the ripe red berries tend to be mechanically harvested.

Robusta and Arabica are the species grown on the island. Robusta coffee is grown on the high terraced mountainsides. Arabica is grown at lower altitudes. The mild temperatures and frequent rain showers are ideal for successful harvests.

The coffee of Bali, Indonesia is world known. The island Java lends its name to a cup of “java.” Don’t miss a visit! You will remember the experience with every cup of coffee you drink in the future.
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Most Westerners’ romantic view of Southeast Asia’s plantation life comes from the works of W. Somerset Maugham. Maugham’s intensive travels in the British Empire’s Asian holdings gave him insight into a planter’s life. There in the Far East he found plenty of people (native and foreign) and subjects which he incorporated in his plays, short stories and novels. Our Betters, The Letter and Rain are some of his most popular writings. Many of these writings are now classic films. Bette Davis in The Letter is enjoyable today. Watch a film and travel to the steamy, jungle in the British Empire’s holdings in Southeast Asia.

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