Prodding - Heart Shaped Fleece Rug

Prodding - Heart Shaped Fleece Rug
You will need:
One Brown Paper Grocery Bag
A 3.75 Rug Canvas large enough to cut down to about 17 ½ X 24 1/2”
A size 8 knitting Needle
Sharp Scissors
2 ¼ yards 60” fleece – wash and dry before using
Thread to match the color of your material.
Sewing Machine.
Pinking Sheers (optional)

Cutting out your pattern:
Cut the bottom out of a brown paper grocery bag and discard. Cut out the two short sides of the bag and discard. Tape together the two larger sides of the bag and fold in half at the tape line. Draw ½ of a heart.
Cut along the lines of your heart. Unfold and take a look at your heart. Do you like the shape? If not, you can fold in half again and trim it a little to get the shape you’re looking for.

Cutting the Rug Canvas:
Lay the pattern flat on the table and pin canvas to hold it firmly in place. Cut the canvas to match your pattern.

Binding the Rug:
Measure the length from the bottom point of the heart to the top “V” of the heart. Add an extra ½” and cut two 1" fabric strips to that length.
Fold ½ of the strip over the front side of the canvas and ½ of the strip over the backside of the canvas. Start the strip at the bottom point, overlapping about a ¼”.
Using a sewing machine, sew the strip 3/8” from the edge of the canvas. The strip should end at the “V” at the top of the rug, slightly longer than what is needed. Trim excess material at the bottom of the rug.
Following the instructions above, take the second strip and slightly overlap the first strip at the bottom of the rug and sew around the edge of rug, ending so that you overlap the previous strip. Trim excess material at the bottom of the rug, careful not to cut into the first strip.
Sew around the entire rug, one more time, 2/8” from the outside edge.
The “shag” of this rug, hides most of the binding.

Cutting the Fleece:
Cut strips 1/2” wide from the fleece.
Cut strips into 3” pieces. Pinking sheers can be used for this step.

Prodding Instructions:
Start along the binding at the bottom of the heart.
Working from the back side of the canvas, using your knitting needle, take one 1/2”x3” strip and press one end into the first hole.
Pull about ½ the strip through the hole.
Again, working from the back side of the canvas, using your knitting needle, press the other end of the strip through the second hole of the canvas.
Continue working along the same row.
If you get to the end of the row and there is only one hole left, Push one end of the fabric through the remaining hole and the other end of the fabric through the hole above it.
After you have completed each row, turn the rug over and pull each strip so that both sides of the strip are even.
Some of the holes at the edge of the rug will not show the full opening. Only fill the holes where ½ or more of the hole is showing.
Once the rug is complete; you can trim if you have some strips that are longer than others.

Enjoy your rug!

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