Five Pillars Of Islam

Five Pillars Of Islam
The noun ‘pillar’ means a fundamental principle or practise. The five pillars of Islam represent the five main practises that establish someone as a follower of Islam.

The first and most important pillar is the declaration of faith.
The second pillar is to establish and maintain the prayers.
The third pillar is to give to charity.
The fourth pillar is to fast during the month of Ramadan.
The fifth pillar is to perform a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a life time.

Everything we need to know about these five articles of faith can be found in the Quran. There is not just one chapter or verse giving explicit instructions on each of the above actions but when you read the whole of the Quran you will see that the instructions are spreads throughout the chapters.

Chapter 3 verse 18 of the Quran tells us what the declaration of faith says. There is no need to look to books or teachings other than the Quran to find God’s reference to the declaration of faith.

The prayers had long been established before the Quran came to mankind; Abraham was the person to whom God granted these gifts. The prayers have been maintained by God and given to whom so ever He chooses since that time.

Charity is to be given when you receive money, such as when you get paid or a gift of money. Share it so that all can benefit. Charity is not meant to be given just at the end of Ramadan.

Ramadan is the month of fasting. All of the instructions for fasting can be found in the Quran. Those who are sick or unable to fast can make up the days or feed someone less fortunate. Fasting is not intended to cause us harm.

Finally there is the pilgrimage to Mecca. A spiritual journey to be made at least once in a lifetime if one is able to and can afford it.

I have only given very basic information about each of the five pillars of faith in this article as I am going to write a separate article on each subject. Everything I write about will be taken from the Quran but it is your duty to verify what I am telling you.

On the Five Pillars of Islam subject page you will find a link to a website that gives translations of the Quran in English and other languages. I suggest you always reference what I say with the Quran.

Where possible I will always try to include at least one verse for you to verify for yourselves.

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