Interview with Max Morgan

Interview with Max Morgan
When I first sat down to chat with Max Morgan I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Of course I had read his official biography and Googled his name like a total fan girl, but even being armed with all the Max Morgan knowledge my brain (and notebook) could accumulate there was still an air of mystery surrounding the 22-year-old British rocker with flowing locks. Thankfully this was a telephone interview; otherwise, I probably would have embarrassed myself by asking if I could touch his hair.

It takes very little time to find yourself feeling at ease with Max Morgan. He’s friendly and open, possessing charm and a quick wit – his warm disposition made me feel as if we had already met. The sexy accent didn’t hurt either. (Oh, how I love my job).

We spoke on the eve of his debut album release, and I had a chance to learn more about the music, the man behind the music, and how it feels to be counting down the hours to his album release. FYI: it is “freeing”, “bloody exciting”, and “ feels goooood.”

Interrupting the Silence is the name of his debut album from Chime Entertainment – in stores March 31st. “Interrupting the Silence, aside from being obviously the role that music plays in all of our lives by interrupting silence, it was all of the songs on this record, all the whole scope of it, it’s about me and wanting to say to people (if they choose to listen) that we need to make some noise, we need to say what it is we want to say.” He added that “the album is all about me trying to go out and do what it is I want to do, the feelings that go along with that.” Max assures that the songs are not “all big Debbie downers” and that the title is about “getting out and interrupting the silence, and that’s exactly what this debut bloody album is doing. Kick up some noise.”

Max went on to discuss what the album reveals about his personality saying “It reveals a lot.” He continued on by saying “…the bands that I love, the artists that I love, it’s them. It’s their soul. It’s the reason that I like them just because you can feel, sense, and relate to the truth and the fact that they are speaking it. If you agree with it or not, that’s up to you, but the reason that it works is because it’s something real that I can grab onto. Now that is definitely the case here for me with writing this album. It’s all facets of my personality. For the record I didn’t want twelve songs that sound exactly the same. Each song is a bit of me. Each song is a little bit of what’s going on in my personality, and then the string that holds them all together is the fact that they all come from one person. They are all coming from one real place”.

Not only can the guy sing, but he wrote every song on the album and he can play several musical instruments. “I play the kazoo, and that’s about it. Even the singing isn’t done by me because I heard that Milli Vanilli did well, got a Grammy, and didn’t even sing. So it wasn’t me singing. I just showed up,” he joked. “Actually, I play a little bit of piano, a little bit of drums, but actually on the record it was me singing and me playing guitar. I left all the other instruments to people who really know what they’re doing. But, when writing songs I’ve actually written a song from the drums – believe it or not.” No word yet on if he can really play the kazoo.

When asked to describe his musical style in three words Max paused for a few seconds, “Introverted. Extroverted. Fantastic”.

In the midst of all this talk about albums and music, I also managed to be a little nosey (on behalf of you my readers, of course) and turned my questioning to his body. Well, the presence of tattoos on said body. “I have one on my left arm which is a black rose,” he says further noting that the words “Let Freedom Reign” can be found below the rose. Meanwhile his other arm features a treble clef; “wear your heart on your sleeve and all that,” he explains. He also tosses in a fun fact that his treble clef tattoo was done by the same tattoo artist who did 50 Cent’s back. Of course he wouldn’t let me get away with that question without reversing the tables on me and inquiring about my tattoos. When I informed him that I had yet to be inked, thanks to my fear of pain, he passed along a few humorous words of wisdom: “Just do it when you’ve got a little bit of booze in you. You know what I mean? Just be really really irresponsible, and go around pain. Try and go around that obstacle, hop over it”.

Navigating our way back to the subject of music I find out that Max’s first concert was The Offspring at Wembley Arena in London when he was around age 12, with Lenny Kravitz a close second a mere week later. I also learn that his favorite song of all time is “In A Little While” by U2 because as he says, ”it feels like heaven on earth. If there was to be a heaven, I feel like that’s what the theme tune would be playing while people are getting the guided tour of heaven”.

So when he isn’t making music or listening to it, what does Max Morgan do in his free time? It turns out that he’s an aspiring film buff who loves sports, including soccer which he has played all his life. You might also be surprised to learn that he can run “very fast” having been a top national sprinter back in England. “It’s random,” he says. “That’s how fast you have to learn how to run when you thieve a guitar from the guitar store,” he laughs.

Currently living in Los Angeles, via England where he was born and raised, Max Morgan lists St. James’s Park located next to Buckingham Palace in London as his favorite place in the world. “That is the most tranquil, beautiful, romantic, like creative and relaxing. All these things that it’s just freakin’ beautiful. It’s just freakin’ perfect. …I bloody love it”.

As the interview nears its end I decide that I like Max Morgan. He’s intriguing, slightly mischievous, and even a little quirky. Oh, and that air of mystery I mentioned earlier? It’s still there, despite Max’s openness and apparent love for talking. Then there’s his music which is earnest, authentic, and to put it bluntly: damn good. Don’t just take my word for it though, check out Max Morgan’s debut album Interrupting the Silence and hear it for yourself.

Before I let him go I have one last question; how would he describe himself in one word? Max Morgan is “very odd”. After I point out that he can only use one word he laughs and settles for “odd”.

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