All Specialty Channels

All Specialty Channels
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Here is a hopefully helpful alphabetical listing of all the networks here on Specialty Channels.

A & E(offsite link)
A & E has a large selection of original and rebroadcast series such as; Airline, All Year Round, American Justice, Ask This Old House, BIO Arts, Biography, Breakfast with The Arts, City Confidential, Cold Case Files, Classroom, Columbo, Crossing Jordan, Family Plots, Growing Up Gotti, Horatio Hornblower, Investigative Reports, Inside This Old House, LA Law, Makeover Mamas, MI-5, Mondo Magic, Murder She Wrote, Nero Wolf, Parole Squad, Poriot, Sell This House, The Incurable Collector, and Third Watch.

ABC Family (offsite link)
ABC Family has original and acquired movies, series and specials with families of all ages in mind, with a little bit of something for everybody.

AMC - American Movie Classics (offsite link)
Classic films from silent movies to present day movies, original series, documentaries, and more.

Animal Planet (offsite link)
Check out links to Animal Planet TV, Fan Sites, Live Today, Pet Central, Animals A to Zoo, Fun & Games, Live Cams, and Animal Planets shows and specials.

Biography Channel (offsite link)
A & E Network brings us the Biography Channel with shows such as: Biography, Class of..., Columbo, Diva and Darlings, Inspector Morse, L.A. Law, Life & Times, Mansions Monuments & Masterpieces, Nero Wolf, Notorious, Poriot, Sherlock Holmes Mysteries, and many more.

BBC America (offsite link)
The BBC brought to America brings us, shows such as: Changing Rooms, Ground Force, Monty Python, Monarch of the Glen, Cold Feet, and Murder in Suburbia to name a few.

BET - Black Entertainment Television (offsite link)
BET brings us shows such as: 106 & Park, BET Top 10 Live, Black Star Cinema, BET Nightly News, Grown Folks Music, Midnight Love, Club Comic View, BET Style, Access Granted, Rap City Top, Top 25 Count Down, Coming to the Stage and many more.

Bloomberg Television (offsite link)
Finances, stock market, international finances, etc . .

Boomerang (offsite link)
Cartoon Network brings us 24 hours of classic and other cartoons.

Book TV (offsite link)
Featured on C-SPAN 2 from 8 AM Saturday until 8 AM Monday. Author interviews and press conferences, book festivals and information, etc.

Bravo (offsite link)
Bravo brings you a diverse group of shows such as: Celebrity Poker Showdown, Five Star Cinema, Inside the Actors Studio, Law and Order, Miami Slice, More Than Music, Queer Eye For the Straight Guy, Queer Eye For the Straight Guy UK Edition, Situation Comedy, Things I Hate About You, West Wing, and of course movies and specials.

C-Span (offsite link)
Political affairs network featuring live capitol hearings, speeches, interviews, and more. US House of Representatives.

C-Span 2 (offsite link)
Gavel to gavel coverage of the US Senate. Airs a variety of public affairs programming when the Senate is in adjournment, including congressional committee hearings, press briefings, newsmaker speeches & public policy discussions.

CMT - Country Music TV (offsite link)
CMT brings us quality shows like: Academy of Country Music Awards, Barely Famous, CMA Music Festival, Flame Worthy Video Music Awards, Crossroads, Inside Fame, Insider, Most Shocking, Total Access, Controversy, Cowboy U, Driven, The Greatest, In the Moment, Making of..., Stacked, Star Pads, Top Twenty Countdown, Ultimate Home, various live concerts and specials along with the top in country music videos and movies.

CNBC (offsite link)
Financial news highlights dominate the day, while nights include features and discussions of contemporary business issues.

CNN (offsite link)
CNN the first cable television news channel brings you shows such as: Larry King Live, Capital Gang, Crossfire, Paula, Zahn Now, Lou Dobbs Tonight, CNN Daybreak, People in the News, CNN Sunday Morning, House Call, CNN Live Sunday, Late Edition and CNN Presents

CNN International (offsite link)
CNN brings us World News and shows from TimeWarner such as: Global Challenges, Talk Asia, and Biz Traveler to name a few.

CNN Sports Illustrated (offsite link) CNN Sports Illustrated web site covering NFL NCAA Football and Basketball, MLB, NBA, Racing, Soccer, Tennis, and more.

Cartoon Network (offsite link)
Cartoon shows like: Ed, Edd, n Eddy, What’s New Scooby-Doo. The Powerpuff Girls, Tom and Jerry, Bexter’s Laboratory, Justice League Unlimited, Duck Dodgers, and a few more of not the usual main stream cartoon shows.

Comedy Channel (offsite link)
Original programming such as: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Comedy Central Presents, Drawn Together (TV first animated reality show), many syndication shows, comedy movies and specials.

Court TV (offsite link)
Court TV has a wide variety of programing with series such as: NYPD Blue. Profiler and Cops. It also has original series and specials, and documentaries.

Discovery Channel (offsite link)
Discovery Channel has a wide variety of hits shows such as: American Chopper, Monster Garage, Monster House, MythBusters, Rally Round the House and Surprise by Design.

Discovery Health (offsite link)
Discovery Health bring together a lot of health subjects with shows such as: Adoption Stories, American Baby, Birth Day, Chicago Hope, I Lost It!, Kids Healthworks, Life’s Little Miracles, Rescue 911, Trauma - Life in the ER.

Discovery Home (offsite link)
Discovery Channel Home Channel offers ‘How To’ programs like: Christopher Lowell Show, Designer Guys, Great Chefs, Rally Around the House, Surprise By Design, Toolbelt Diva and many more.

Discovery Kids (offsite link)
Discovery brings us programming specializing in the preteen age group.

Discovery Times (offsite link)
New York Times and The Discovery Channel bring us this news channel, with a wide variety of news programs.

Disney Channel (offsite link)
A wide variety of Disney shows, Lizzie Maguire, That’s So Raven, The Proud Family, Phil of the Future, Braceface, Kim Possible, Dave the Barbarian, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, Jake Long, American Dragon, Lilo and Stitch, Disney House of Mouse, Even Stevens, Original Movies, and other programing.

Disney Channel: Playhouse Disney (offsite link)
During the day, Playhouse Disney features, shows for younger children like Bear in the Big Blue House and Jo Joìs Circus--and in the evenings, programming for older children and families

Disney Channel: Toon Disney (offsite link)
Disney brings us a channel with 24 hours of Disney cartoons and movies.

Do It Yourself Network ‘DIY’ (offsite link)
Everything you need to know about doing it yourself for: Autos & Boats, Crafts, Gardening, Hobbies, Home Building, Home Improvement, Living and Woodworking.

E!‘Entertainment TV’ (offsite link)
Welcome to E!Onlineìs website, take a walk through celebrity news, features, gossip, reviews, celebs, fun stuff, and shopping.

ESPN (offsite link)
Everything to do with Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Hockey, Horse Racing, Football, Golf, Motor Sports, Olympic Sports, Soccer, Tennis, Track & Field, and Women’s Sports.

ESPN Classic (offsite link)
Past sporting events with and shows such as SportsCentury, Classic Moments, Classic Big Ticket, Cheap Seats, Reel Classics, and many more.

ESPNews (offsite link)
Sports news and programs such as: The Hot List, ESPN Postgame Extra, and 4QTS.

Eternal World Television -ETWN (offsite link)
EWTN is a global Catholic network.

FX (offsite link)
A general entertainment network offering programming that includes films, original programs, sports and hit series such as NYPD Blue and X-Files

Fine Living (offsite link)
Fine Living is the first television network that is dedicated to the pursuit of personal passions and the art of getting the most from every moment in life.

Food Network (offsite link)
Food Network is home to The Iron Chef, Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse, Tyler Florence and Jamie Oliver, Rachel Ray, and other popular chefs. Features cooking shows, special features, and even food game shows!

Fox Movie Channel (offsite link)
Fox movie library in your own home.

Fox News(offsite link)
Home of the O’Reilly Factor, Hannity and Colmes, Beltway Boys, and more.

Fuse (offsite link)
Shows like 100%, 4 Play, After Party, Authentic Hip-Hop, After School Special, Daily Download, Delicate Live, The DIVE, Loaded, Marcha, Mixtape MixDownload, No. 1 Download, Uranium, Next Big Thing Awards, Oven Fresh, Rockzilla, Uranium Classics and Video IQ.

G4Tech TV(offsite link)
With shows on science, technology and even video gaming and anime, G4Tech TV has something for everybody.

GAC (offsite link)
Great American Country brings you shows like: The Grand Ole Opry, Country Music Across America, Top 20, CRL, GAC Classic, Cook and Chase, On The Edge of Country, Hot Country Nights, and Celebrity Kitchen. While showing the greatest country music videos and concerts.

Galavision (offsite link)
Galavision brings Spanish and Bilingual programming with shows on Autos, Home, Destinations, Money, Entertainment, Women, Music, News, Sports, TV, and Lifestyles.

Game Show Network - GSN (offsite link)
24 hours of game shows Classics like Match Game, Family Feud, Password, Press Your Luck, $25,000 Pyramid, etc. . . . Also features original game shows like Lingo, Cram, and Friend or Foe? Staples such; as Jeopardy, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and The Weakest Link.

Gas-NickG (offsite link)
Games and Sports for Kids connects with kids through one of the most important aspects of their lives - the games they play. It's the first and only sports network for kids. Nick GAS give kids the inside scoop on the games & sports they love along with their favorite Nick game shows. GAS' affiliation with the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and MLS, as well as other sports & games associations, gives kids exclusive shows and programs they can't get anywhere else!

Golf Channel (offsite link)
The Golf Channel is the world's first 24-hour network devoted entirely to golf programming. The programming schedule includes an exclusive blend of PGA TOUR, Senior PGA TOUR, NIKE TOUR, LPGA and European PGA Tour competition, instruction with world renowned instructors, a nightly golf news show, live call-in golf talk and instruction programs and video tours of great courses throughout the world.

HLN (offsite link)
CNN’s Headline News Channel brings you 24/7 headlines and news updates.

Hallmark Channel (offsite link)
Features shows like Matlock, Little House on the Prairie, M*A*S*H*, original movies, and more

History Channel (offsite link)
A & E Network brings us the History Channel with a wide variety of regular series and specials.

History Channel International (offsite link)
A & E Network brings us more with history of the world on History Channel International.

Home & Garden Network ‘HGTV’ (offsite link)
Every thing you need to know about, Decorating, Remodeling, Gardening, At Home, and Crafts.

Home Shopping Network - HSN’ (offsite link)
HSN features 24 hour shopping.

Independent Film Channel - IFC (offsite link)
Independent files of all types in one channel.

Lifetime (offsite link)
Lifetime was the first channel for women with all types of original programming such as: How Clean is Your House?, I DO Diaries, Merge, Missing, Strong Medicine, The Division, and Weddings and other rebroadcast of other shows such as: The Nanny, Any Day Now, Providence, Mad About You, Golden Girls, Designing Women and many more

Lifetime Movie Network (offsite link)
Lifetime’s Channel brings us a movie channel with women’s programming.

Link TV (offsite link)
‘Your connection to the world’ with international news and programming with a global perspective. Features alternative news and is a non-profit network.

MSNBC (offsite link)
Home of Imus in the Morning, as well as business, entertainment, health, current events, and other news.

MTV (offsite link)
Music TV or MTV the original music network bring us such shows as: TRL. Real World, The Assistant, MTV’s First Ever Reality Awards, Video Music Awards, and many more.

MTV2 (offsite link)
If you don’t get enough MTV, now you have a whole second channel.

Music Choice (offsite link)
Commercial-free music (not videos) featuring dozens of channels of various genres. Seasonal music, heavy metal, power rock, classical, jazz, techno, alternative, country, gospel, show tunes, and more!

NASA (offsite link)
The NASA Channel provides real-time coverage of NASA activities and missions as well as resource videos for the news media and educational programming to teachers, students and the general public.

National Geographic Channel (offsite link)
Discover the world with National Geographic Magazine’s channel, National Geographic Channel.

Noggin (offsite link)
Children’s programing 100% commercial free with a few of the following shows:
Dora The Explorer, 123 Sesame Street, Bob the Builder, Little Bear, Blues Clues, and many more shows some for older children.

Outdoor Life Network - OLN (offsite link)
Outdoor sporting network featuring subjects such as: Action Sports, Field and Stream, Outdoor Adventure, Bulls and Rodeos and more related to life in the outdoors.

PBS Kids (offsite link)
24 hour programming for younger children. Features shows like Barney, Mr. Rogers, Teletubbies, Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow, Caillou, and more. Entirely commercial free!

PAX (offsite link)
Features shows like Diagnosis Murder, Doc with Billy Ray Cyrus, Sue Thomas F.B.EYE, Supermarket Sweep, Itìs a Miracle, and more,

QVC (offsite link)
Dubbed as 24 hour shopping with class network.

SCI-FI Channel (offsite link)
Science Fiction dramas, shows, paranormal, aliens, with shows such as: Stargate: SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica (new series), Ghost Hunters, Proof Positive Evidence of the Paranormal, Scare Tactics, Andromeda, Amazing Stories, Beastmaster, and Twilight Zone.

Science Channel (offsite link)
Discovery Channel’s Science Channel offers us science programs like: 100 Discoveries, Medicines of the Sea, TV Science Classics, The Planets, Mission to Mars, Inventions Timeline, and Skeptical Inquirer to name a few.

SOAPnet (offsite link)
ABC Soaps such as: All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital are shown same day at night. You all get to see older night time soaps such as: Dallas, Dynasty, Knot’s Landing, with other classic soaps such as Another World and Ryan’s Hope. Soapnet rounds out is programing with its entertainment magazine show Soap Talk with coves all soaps and their stars.

SPEED (offsite link)
NASCAR, motorcycle racing, Formula One, and you think racing and you will find it here on SPEED.

Spike TV (offsite link)
Former known as TNN (The Nashville Network), Spike TV transformed into the first network for men with shows like: Casino Cinema, American Stand Up. The Club, Hey Spring of Trivia, Untold and many other shows of interest to men.

Style (offsite link)
Style, the 24-hour network from the creators of E!, is the only network devoted to fashion, beauty, home and entertaining. style brings you the very latest looks in fashion, the newest trends in hair and makeup, top designers, models of the moment, the most beautiful homes, unique ideas for entertaining, travel and more.

Sundance Channel (offsite link)
Original feature film, shorts and documentaries, world cinema and animation.

TBS Superstation (offsite link)
Broad-based, family oriented programming including movies, documentaries, classic comedies, children's shows and a variety of collegiate and professional sports.

TLC - The Learning Channel (offsite link)
Discovery Channels TLC brings us shows that educate and entertain with shows like: A Baby Story, Clean Sweep, Extreme Surgery, Hi-5 to name a few. In a Fix, Magic School Bus, A Makeover Story, Peep, Perfect Proposal, Save-Ums, Second Chance, TLC Wedding Marathon, Timothy Goes to School, Toddworld, Trading Places, Trading Places: Family, The Wedding Dress, A Wedding Story, What Not to Wear, While You Were Out and many more.

TNT (offsite link)
This premiere entertainment network delivers high-quality programming for viewers of all ages including Hollywood's best movies, exclusive made-for-TNT Original movies, Sunday Night NFL Football and television's most comprehensive NBA Basketball schedule.

TV Land (offsite link)
Gilliganìs Island, I Love Lucy, Love Boat, The Brady Bunch, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Andy Griffith Show, Green Acres, Bewitched, Leave it to Beaver, Gunsmoke and The Munsters are but a few of the classic shows on this network.

Travel Channel (offsite link)
Discovery Channel takes us around the world with Travel Channel with shows like: Made in America, Amazing Vacation Homes, Americas Spookiest Places, Weird Places, The World Poker Tour, and many more.

Trinty Broadcasting Network (offsite link)
TBN is a Christian Network with a Pentecostal and Charismatic slant.

Trio (offsite link)
Features popular arts including music, dance, theater and film.

Turner Classic Movies (offsite link)
Ted Turner’s library of movies direct to your home.

UPN (offsite link)
Family programing with shows like: Enterprise, One on One, Eve, Kevin Hill and Veronica Mars to name a few.

USA (offsite link)
USA offers a popular blend of original series, USA Pictures Original Movies, exclusive suspense and dramatic series, box office hits, high-profile sports and animated children's programming.

VH1 (offsite link)
VH1 an alternative to MTV, just a little on the softer side of rock and roll. VH1 has original shows, rebroadcast of other networks shows, and music movies.

VH1 Classics (offsite link)
VH1 Classic is a 24-hour network that presents music videos, concerts and music specials featuring classic rock, soul and pop artists from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

WB (offsite link)
Everything the WB is famous for cartoons and family programing. Shows like: 7th Heaven, Gilmore Girls, Charmed, One Tree Hill, Reba, and Everwood to name a few.

WAM (offsite link)
WAM! is the first and only commercial free channel dedicated entirely to 8-16 year olds. WAM bring kidz the world with "Education that Entertains, and Entertainment that Educates."

Women’s Entertainment (offsite link)
Women’s Entertainment - WE has programing for women with shows such as: The Naked Truth, Boston Public, Take My Kids Please, Savvy, McLeod’s Daughters, and movies with women in mind.

WGN Superstation (offsite link)
WGN delivers 160 live sporting events featuring the Chicago Bulls, Cubs and White Sox, recent and classic movies, action-adventure series, kid's and pre-teen favorites, specials, original and educational programs and news.

Wings Channel (offsite link)
Discovery Channels’ Wings Channel offers us an insight to flight with shows like: Aerospace, Wings Over Vietnam, Learning to Fly, From the Ground Up, Wings of War, Eyes to the Skies, and Commando Solo: Afghan Skies to name a few.

Wisdom TV (offsite link)
WISDOM Television provides enriching Life Improvement programs in the areas of Personal Growth, Social Consciousness and Healthier Living for people committed to making the most of themselves, their relationships with others and the world.

If I missed a channel and you think I should add it, email me and I will add it to this list. I hope you all find this list helpful.

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