Dungeon Siege is a Must Have

Dungeon Siege is a Must Have
OK, remember how addictive Baldur's Gate and Diablo 1/2 were? Now imagine that the two games are combined together with even better graphics and more personalization. And imagine that multiplay is amazing. That's what you get with Dungeon Siege

This game is amazing. It's fully customizeable. You choose your character and get to choose male/female, hair color and style, skin color, shirt and pants, and even get options like mohawks and tattoos. Your character is a farmer descended from the 10th Legion and now just trying to live a quiet life. But of course, you can't. The evil baddies come into town and it's time to hack.

The interface is a cross between Diablo and Baldur's Gate, with the best of both worlds. It's fully polygonal - you can zoom in and out, spin around, change the angle, anything you wish! Your character in his (or her!) fully customized glory goes wandering around, scaring off the chickens and rabbits and little fairies that hang out innocently, while fighting off a huge range of graphically amazing monsters. There are stony gargoyles, fleshy pig-beasts, and all sorts of things in between.

The buildings are multi-levelled and the game makes it easy to go from floor to floor. Sometimes the game is picky about here you click - you can try to go IN a building and end up going behind it - but you get the hang of that pretty quickly. You can sometimes try to click on an enemy to attack it and instead start meandering over to that spot of ground. Be sure to know where you click!

Like Diablo, this isn't heavy in storytelling. Yes, there's a general plot, and you hit little side quests along the way. But you go a VERY VERY long way at the start of the game before you find anything town-like, so don't even bother trying to store up all the random things you find along the way. You'll run out of room long before you reach town.

You meet party members and can have them join you if you wish. Each person has his or her own skillset, and your own grow over time. Keep twanging that bow, and you become an archer! Use those magic spells again, and magic becomes your speciality! You're not restricted like in other games to a certain class. In this one, every single character starts out exactly the same. What you choose to do affects how you develop.

The various weapons and armor and magic items you find are quite fun and well designed. The graphics are just great. Shadows, flickering candles, fog, it's all here. True eye-candy, and if you don't have a GEforce 3 or GEforce 4 yet, it's time to buy one.

Even the arrows you shoot go thudding into your enemies. Try hitting pause while one goes whistling past your head! Shoot three into that pig-creature and zoom in to see that they all hit! Shoot at that fast enemy and watch him dodge your arrows! It's just amazing.

Highly Recommended and extremely addictive.

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