Crazy Mixed Up Zoo

Crazy Mixed Up Zoo
Ages 4 and up

Players 2 to 4

Playing Time 15 minutes

The Crazy Mixed Up Zoo is a fun way to test your memory. This game will be more enjoyed by younger kids. It can be used as a fun teaching tool as well.

The Crazy Mixed Up Zoo comes with 12 animal tiles. Each title is a different shape. The number of tiles used during the game depends on the age of the players. The animal tiles feature animals with a colored background. The other side of the animal tile has the same animal but with has a different background color. Lay the animal tiles onto the playing surface. Each player gets a magnetic score card and three magnets of the same color. The score card has all 12 animals pictured on it and a row for keeping score.

The player who can impersonate a monkey the best will go first. All other players turn around so that their back is facing the animal tiles. Then the one player switches two animal tiles and flips them over. Now players turn back around and have to guess which two animals the player moved. Players then place two of their magnets on their score card for their choices of which two animals were switched. If a player guesses both right, then he takes his third magnet and moves it one space on the victory track. If no one gets any right, then the player who switched the animals gets to move his magnet up on his victory track. Players who get one or none right do not get to move their magnet.

The first player to reach the winning square on his victory track wins the game. If two players reach the winning square on the same turn, then the game ends in a tie.

The Crazy Mixed Up Zoo can help with color recognition and memory skills. Players will need to study which colors are in the playing field and then be able to tell which ones have changed. The game quality is very high. The pieces are sturdy and should last for a long time. This is an important thing when a game would be most appealing to younger kids.

The Crazy Mixed Up Zoo is a fast game. That's always a plus when taking into account the attention span of younger children.The older kids might not find this game very challenging, but younger siblings might enjoy Crazy Mixed Up Zoo.

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