Wetrix for Sega Dreamcast

Wetrix for Sega Dreamcast
Wetrix is a cool Tetris-like puzzler game with a three dimensional twist - you're stacking shapes in order to form pools, to hold in water!

With so many games out there involving mayhem and slaughter, it's great to find a game that really catches your attention that involves logic and strategy. In one sense, this is a game similar to tetris. Shapes fall from the sky - Ts, lines, hollow squares - and you arrange them as they fall. But you're arranging them onto a 3D grid and they stack to form mountains and valleys. Then, interspersed with those falling shapes, you get falling water to form lakes, or fireballs to dry up your lakes, or other special events.

It does take a little getting used to to think in three dimensions, and I can see where some people might be challenged by this. But it's really not that hard once you get the hang of it, and it is really cool to watch the mountains stack up, forming a landscape of your construction. You need to balance your growth though - if you get too high, an earthquake will happen. This is a reasonable balance - if you built your mountains 80 stories high, how could you possibly view the gameboard any more :) So the trick is to lower sometimes, raise at other times, and keep your lakes intact to hold in the water.

The sounds aren't great on this one, but really, they are not great on most puzzle games. I might even suggest you turn down the volume on this and get your stereo to play some of your favorite music while you play. It's the strategy and mind-challenge you're getting here, not a classical sonata for the ears :)

Highly recommended, this is the time of game that really tunes those little grey cells of the brain!

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