Staying Safe and Being Prepared For A Snowstorm

Staying Safe and Being Prepared For A Snowstorm
We are in the grips of winter and along with the winter months comes the possibility of snowstorms. What are the steps that you should take to make sure that you are ready for a snowstorm? Make sure to keep this checklist handy and anytime the weather forecaster warns of an impending storm on the forecast you will be more than ready to get through the storm safely.

Making sure that you have gas in your snowblower or a good shovel handy
Making sure that the snowblower is full of gas before the storm hits is a good step to take. You don't want to have to run out to get gas during a storm or you might not even be able to get out after a storm to get gas. If you don't have a snowblower make sure that you have a good strong shovel to use. If you have health issues make sure that you stop shoveling and take frequent breaks so that you don't overdo it. You could also ask a neighbor or family member to give you some help.

Stocking up at the grocery store
Check your cabinets and make a list a day or two before the storm hits. You don't want to have to run out to the store in the middle of storm or even worse an hour before its due to hit and have to fight all the other storm shopping
traffic. Make sure you have the basics things like bread and peanut butter and
jelly are good choices to have on hand. Remember to purchase food items that
won't need refrigeration in case the power goes out. Which also means that
you won't have your microwave to heat your food. Other good choices are items
like cereal bars, granola bars, cereal, pop-tarts, and crackers. Canned foods
that don't require heating up are other great foods to have on hand. Just
don't forget to have a can opener handy. You should also pick up extra bottled water to have on hand.

Flashlights, and camping lanterns
If your power goes out you will need some way to see in the dark. Rather than
risk the chance of a fire with candles I would recommend using the camping
lanterns that run on batteries. They throw off a good amount of light and are
safe to use around pets and children. Make sure to purchase spare batteries on hand and you will be well prepared if the power should happen to go out.

Battery powered weather radios
You will want to keep up with what is happening in your area with the storm but
what if the power goes out? A battery operated radio is a great item to have on
hand in the winter. Make sure you keep a supply of spare batteries handy and you will be kept informed even if the powers out or the cable/satellite goes out.

Staying warm inside
Making sure that you have enough oil or propane in your tank to heat your home
is always important but it's even more important during a storm. You might want
to call for that delivery of oil or propane a few days before the storm hits if your tanks are running low. It might not be possible for the oil or propane
companies to come out during a storm or even for a day or two after due. If you use a woodstove or fireplace you will want to bring in extra seasoned wood to
burn during the storm and in case of a loss of power you will need the extra
wood to burn to keep your home warm.

These tips will help to keep you and your family safe and ready for whatever
winter throws at you. You might want to consider making a winter kit and keeping supplies like canned food, bottled water, spare batteries, flashlights, a can opener, and matches if you have a fireplace or woodstove. With these tips you will know that you are prepared for the storm and can relax and watch the snow fall. But don't forget about the kids. Pick up a few items to keep them
occupied like some good books or puzzles or a new game. This is also a good
opportunity for you to catch up on your reading or a hobby that you haven't
had much time for lately.

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