Taxes, Rebates, Recession, Elections, A Woman Pres

Taxes, Rebates, Recession, Elections, A Woman Pres
A Woman for President; Is it time? Well Yeah, NOW does seem to be the right time. Why - because women are the fixers in the world. Men go out into the world everyday in their power modes and push and plow their way through the day rolling over anything that gets in their way and we women have to do damage control. The current state of affairs in our country is a perfect example and even with the last minute tax rebates of $300 to $1200 expected to be given in the Spring or early Summer, that in no way will be enough to fix the sorry economic state of affairs in this country. So what do we need? We need a fixer. We need a woman in charge of the getting the job done. We need someone who clearly sees the problems including but certainly not limited to the ongoing annihilation of the middle class. The middle class has always been the backbone of the country so how can the country keep on keeping on with a broken back? The middle class lifestyle has already been drastically economically altered and no matter what you refer to this change as, it certainly fits the definition of a recession.

So what does Hillary Clinton have to say about Taxes? In a transcript of her own words she said, “The economy is not working for most Americans. Its working for the already wealthy and well connected. They’ve had a President for seven years. Its time the rest of America had a President again, who took care of the middle class, stood up for working people, understood what we needed to do to get the economy moving again. And you know, we know how to do this. We need to get back to fiscal responsibility. We cannot continue to borrow money from the Chinese to buy oil from the Saudis. That is not a winning strategy for America. And we know that if we start moving in the right direction as we did in the 1990s we can create millions of new jobs and we can lift people out of poverty. Well that requires asking those who make the most money in America to go back to paying the tax rates they paid in the 1990’s. The middle class in America needs a real tax break. They’re the ones who have been paying the bill and paying the price for these failed economic policies.”

Lets not talk about if you like Hillary as a person, if you like her as a speaker, if you like the way she looks or walks – lets talk about what this woman is saying and how it translates for Americans, not just women, Americans.

She actually has a plan regarding how to restore the middle class. Mind you if you have more than enough money and you are in the upper economic part of the world you may think that this does not concern you but it does. This is America. Our government should not take care of one economic class at the peril of the others. If the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer and the middle class keeps getting squashed between the two like the peanut butter between two slices of bread, soon there will be almost no middle class left and the middle class who is the backbone of the country will continue to disintegrate like a bone diseased with osteoporoses, weak, brittle and ultimately broken.

America is ailing. Who better to nurture it back to health than a woman? There is an ageless theory that almost always rings true that most men do a much better job when they have a significant woman in their lives, “behind every great man is a great woman”. That saying has many variations but they all infer that the woman is the source of the power behind the man. So why not just move the woman to forefront to do things right in the first place.

And let us not forget that women are the best multi-taskers. Women can stand on their head while juggling knives as they also maintain a safety zone all around them with a damage control plan they put into place before they began their knife juggling act of the day. Women multi-task through every day; they juggle and handle many fix as they go tasks along the way. This county needs a fixer right now! Someone that can play the juggling game but who has also had the foresight to put a damage control plan into place before one is needed and who isn’t afraid to use that plan when and if it’s appropriate. So here’s my battle cry – A Woman for President – Well Yeah – NOW Is The Right Time! What do you think? Speak your mind – VOTE!

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