Chinese New Year Flower Market

Chinese New Year Flower Market
The Southeast Asia traveler should visit and discover the Chinese New Year Flower Markets. In the markets are a bounty of cut flowers, potted flowers and trees. Blooms in the freshly clean houses and businesses are considered good luck. The Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival is the greatest festival of the year. Everyone is in a festive mood. Smell the flowers and join the fun!

The markets are open from noon to midnight. On the last night, the market stays open to the early hours of the following day. Plan to join the festivities.

Here is a partial list of flowers and trees found in the market. Following each flower is the significance. Buy some for the hotel room while in Southeast Asia. At home, buy some flowers to bring good luck.

1. Narcissus and Peonies-prosperity

2. Peach blossoms-longevity

3. Tangerines or oranges with emerald leaves-long-lasting relationships, “fruitful” marriages

4. Pussy willow-growth, prosperity

5. Kumquat-good fortune, wealth

6. Quince blossoms-prosperity

7. Plum blossoms-fortitude

People exchange the fresh-cut flowers and potted flowers and trees to express good wishes. Everyone buys either a plum, peach or quince tree. Like a Christmas tree the fruit tree decorates the homes and businesses.

Visitors in Hong Kong, China during the New Year should visit the Flower Market.

Readers not in Southeast Asia or in a city without a Chinese New Year Flower Market, many flowers may be found at the local nursery to decorate the house. Cannot find any, purchase a plum tree poster for fortitude.