Zombies reign supreme in this game that puts you right smack in the middle of your own horror movie. Beat the zombie horde to survive and win the game. In Zombies!!, you will build the game board as you play - allowing you to never play the exact same game twice.

The game pieces include plastic zombies, plastic people, two six sided dice, and city tiles. To start the game, take out the Town Square and helipad tile. Then shuffle the rest of the tiles. Play begins by playing the Town Square tile in the middle. Place the helipad tile on the bottom of the deck so it is the last card. Everyone starts the game at the Town Square. At the start of your turn, draw and play a tile. Some tiles are buildings that include zombies, bullets, and health.

Players roll a die to determine movement. You don't have to take all of your movement. When you encounter a zombie, you must roll to see if you defeat him. A roll of 4,5,6 beats the zombie. You can use shotgun shells to bump up a bad roll. Each failed roll will cost you a life. If you win, you get to remove the zombie from play and add it to your collection. If you die, then you re-spawn at the Town Square and lose half of your zombie kill.

To win the game, you either need to make it to the helipad and defeat all the zombies or kill 25 zombies. Zombies is never the same game twice. You basically build the board each time you play with the tiles. It's best to explore the zombie-infested buildings before heading to the helipad. That way you can collect as many lives and bullets as possible.

Read through the instructions before playing Zombies!! This will not take long, and you will be playing this game soon after. There are cards that can give you an advantage or can slow down your competition.

Zombies!! is also expandable. You can buy more tiles and cards that make the game more interesting. You can even buy extra zombies. There are also special Zombies!! sets like the one that pits you against the carnival of the damned(Zombies!! 7 Send in the Clowns) or the set of a shopping mall zombies(Zombies!! 3 Mall Walkers). If you are a fan of zombie movies, then Zombies!! is the game for you.

Zombies!! definitely takes its inspiration from zombie movies. It is also a fun game that can easily be learned in 10-20 minutes. It is a tile-laying game, so each game is a new experience.

I purchased the game Zombies!! All opinions are 100% mine.

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