How to Write High Quality Articles

How to Write High Quality Articles
In order to publish your articles successfully, it is essential that you learn how to write high quality article content. It does not matter if you are writing for magazines, article directories, websites, or blogs. Writing high quality content is the only ingredient that brings success.

Take a moment, right now, to think of articles that you have read, that either answered a question you had, or provided you with a solution to a current problem. Do you remember that subtle feeling of peace and satisfaction?

If you do remember, than you have experienced a true gift those articles passed on to you. That is the same gift you can give to your readers when you take your time, and write high quality articles full of good content. This is a gift your readers will enjoy now, and a gift that will return to you when your readers seek out more of your writing in the future.

"What makes up high quality article content" you might be wondering? Here are a few basic ingredients that will insure your articles are timely as well as full of high quality content readers today are actively looking for.

Popular Topics:

It always helps to do a little research to find out what topics people are searching online for right now. You can use the Google Keyword tool, which is free. Simply search on for the link.

Search for topics one at a time. These should be topics you have some knowledge about, or that you are very interested in yourself. As you search in the Google Keyword tool for these topics, choose the ones that get the most searches each month.

Review Past Articles

If you are writing for magazines, be sure to go back through all of the articles they have published in the last year. Find out what they have covered and what is missing. Make notes and then fill in the blanks, or add new information to previously published article topics.

The same review process holds true for online articles. If you are writing on a blog, website, or going to publish your article in an article directory, you first need to establish what has already been written. Then, like magazine articles, you will need to take notes and find places you can add to, that have not already been covered.

Recent Information or Research

Finding new, more recent information on a popular topic is a great way to find a lot of avid readers. Another way is to do some research and report any new findings. This will make your article timely, and will increase your readership. Not to mention that you will be adding to your own knowledge base, which will give you more credibility and more topics you can write about in the future.


Once you have your topic and research, it is now time to identify the writing style you are going to use in your article. This style should match the style of the magazine or online publication where you want your article to appear. Each magazine, website, or blog has a unique style of writing. This style matches their audience. Take some time to discover the writing style in the medium you wish to have your article published in.

Taking time for this step will insure that your article is accepted quickly, as well as present you, as a writer, in a light that is most favorable. This will increase your chances of selling more of your articles to the same magazine, website or blog.

Remember, article writing can be fun and profitable. By paying attention to popular topics, reviewing past articles, and studying the writing style of the publication you wish to sell your article to, you will increase your success rate ten fold. This will allow you to make more money and spend less time sending out articles that get rejected over and over again.

To your article writing success.

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