Cooking Conversions - Conversion Factors

Cooking Conversions - Conversion Factors
Ounces (dry) to grams --- multiply ounces by 28.3 to get grams

Ounces (fluid) to grams --- multiply ounces by 29.57 to get grams

Cups to milliliters --- multiply cups by 236.6 to get milliliters

Gallons to liters --- multiply gallons by 3.785 to get liters

Grams to ounces --- multiply grams by .0353 to get ounces

Liters to quarts --- multiply liters by 1.0567 to get quarts

Pounds to grams --- multiply pounds by 453.592 to get grams

Grams to pounds --- multiply grams by 0.0022 to get pounds

Pounds to kilograms --- multiply pounds by .4536 to get kilograms

Kilograms to pounds --- multiply kilograms by 2.21 to get pounds

Inches to centimeters --- multiply inches by 2.54 to get centimeters

Fahrenheit to Celsius --- Celsius = 5(F – 32) / 9 --- in other words
1) Subtract 32 from the Fahrenheit
2) Multiply by 5
3) Divide by 9

Celsius to Fahrenheit --- Fahrenheit = (9 X Celsius) / 5 + 32 --- in other words
1) Multiply Celsius by 9
2) Divide by 5
3) Add 32

Poetry Bonus:


By Bernard Shaw

Once I fried a fish,

That was a tasty dish.

I tried my hand at meat,

It turned out a real treat.

I decided to be a cook,

And bought myself a book.

I mixed some ingredients for a cake,

Put it in the oven to bake.

It turned out really well,

I was under a magic spell.

I cooked some vegetables in a pot,

I served them piping hot.

My cooking was a great success

Alas my kitchen in a terrible mess.

Now my wife does the cooking,

Her meals are of the best.

She cooks with great zest.

The kitchen is again clean,

I feel somehow very mean.

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