Former gunfighter and outlaw, Will Munny, is content running his pig farm with the help of his two children after the death of his wife. But when Big Whiskey’s ladies of the evening put out a bounty on two men who attacked and sliced the face of one of their own, a young gunslinger enlists his help in collecting the reward. Even with the help of his friend Ned Logan, it won’t be easy since Big Whisky is run by the brutal sheriff Little Bill. Here are a few mistakes to look for while watching the Oscar winning “Unforgiven”.

· Little Bill and his guys are waiting for English Bob and Mr. Beauchamp to leave the barber shop. After they disarm English Bob, Little Bill tells Charlie “See what kind of books Mr. Beauchamp is packing here”. The left side view of Mr. Beauchamp shows him take his right hand out of the satchel and he has his arm elevated at his side. It cuts to a right rear view of him and Charlie has to smack his right hand away from the bag to look in it. Also during this scene, once they take the book out and Little Bill makes the “Duck of Death” comment, the close-up of English Bob when he corrects him shows Mr. Beauchamp shake his head. It cuts to a back view of the two men and he shakes his head again. Another front view and Mr. Beauchamp shakes his head again, except this time he puts his hands down, which he didn’t have raised before.

· Little Bill is reading Mr. Beauchamp’s book while holding him and English Bob in separate cells. There is a right side view of Little Bill reading a passage from the book aloud. When he reads “…but the duck was faster and hot lead blazed from his smoking six-guns”, he turns to look at Mr. Beauchamp and there is a smaller white paper which appears to be part of the script attached to the inside of the book on the left page.

· Will and Ned are sitting in the saloon waiting for the Kid. Ned pours Will a drink and goes upstairs. Will proceeds to push the glass across the table, away from him until it clinks against the bottle. It cuts to a left side view of him and there is almost a foot between the bottle and glass.

· CAUTION: May Contain Spoilers! When the Kid shoots the second cowboy in the outhouse, he shoots him in the chest three times. (The Kid also later admits to shooting him only three times when he’s under the tree talking.) But when the cowboy’s friends run out, the left close-up view of the top of his head shows a bullet in the cowboy’s forehead.

· CAUTION: May Contain Spoilers! During the final showdown at the saloon, Will throws the shotgun at Little Bill after it misfire and everyone starts shooting. Will shoots Bill who drops to the floor. A quick view shows three of the deputies, two with beards and the one in the middle with a tan shirt. Will shoots the one on the left and the other two start to fire. It cuts to a quick close-up of the two deputies and there is a bullet hole in the center of the tan shirt right before it cuts to a close-up of Will firing and shooting the guy!

“Unforgiven” (1992) stars Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman, Richard Harris, Jaimz Woolvett, Saul Rubinek and Frances Fisher. It runs 131 minutes and is rated R for language and violence and for a scene of sexuality.

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