Randall Peltzer brings home a loveable Mogwai as a Christmas gift to his son, Billy. The Mogwai, which he names Gizmo, comes with three specific instructions: do not expose the creature to bright light; do not give it water and do not, under any circumstances, feed it after midnight. But, when the rules are broken, chaos ensues in the tiny little town the Peltzers live in when the furry little Mogwai turn into destructive green creatures. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching "Gremlins".

∙ After Buddy the dog attacks Mrs. Deagle at the bank, Billy is in the bar when Gerald Hopkins comes along. Billy walks over to a table to sit down and Gerald follows. There is a light in the middle of the table with a green ashtray to the left and a book of matches and a bowl of popcorn to the right. Two pieces of popcorn are on the table. It cuts to a close-up of Billy and then back to the view of both of them at the table. The matches have moved to the left of the light and a handful of popcorn is now on the table.

∙ When Billy accidently sprays shaving crème in his dad's face after he comes to tell him about Gizmo, the shaving crème is only on the lower part of his face, below his glasses. It cuts to a closer view and there is now shaving crème on his right eyebrow and the left lens of his glasses. The scene cuts to a closer view when his dad says "what" and the shaving crème is almost gone from his face. It's also missing from his eyebrow and glasses.

∙ The gremlins get onto Murray Futterman's snow plow and drive it through the garage wall. The close-up of the plow shows it knocking down the picket fence. It cuts to a rear view of Mr. Futterman backing away and the plow knocks down the fence again.

∙ Billy is walking through the department store with a baseball bat trying to find Stripe. As he's walking, by the display, there is a mannequin in front of him wearing a red shirt. Spike throws a steel blade that misses Billy but hits the mannequin. In the close-up, its head is shown falling off. Billy then falls into the mannequin and its head is still on its shoulders.

"Gremlins" (1984) features the voices of Howie Mandel and Michael Winslow and stars Hoyt Axton, Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates, Corey Feldman, Polly Holiday, Keye Luke and Judge Reinhold. It runs 106 minutes and is rated PG for violence, language and intense/frightening scenes.

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