Enjoy going to the beach in Goa, India

Enjoy going to the beach in Goa, India
Every evening in our little village called Pilerne, in Goa, after we finished the back breaking work of getting the workers and labourers we had hired, to repair the old homestead, we just washed our faces and headed to the beach. Any beach which was close enough, as standing in the waves and letting the water lap our feet, just washed the tiredness of the day away.
We would just grab a cup of tea, pull on our shorts and our flip flops, jump into the car and head out to the beach. Most times we went to Candolim as the beaches in Goa 'close' by 6pm. That really means one cannot swim after 6pm, or try to ride any of the boats and other sea rides after 6pm.
Infact often we would land just half an hour before it was time to 'close' and the life guards would start blowing their whistles and calling people out of the waves. Up and down they drove their red jeep, through the short breakers, using a megaphone to call the hordes of tourists gamboling in the waves, out and away from the water.

"Come on out, come on out, dont wait for the police to come and lock you up," shouted the guard desperately at the tourists, who really were not listening. Slowly however they did start coming out as darkness had begun to descend and they were scared of being in the water in the dark. Mums and Dads with their kids, large bunches of friends screaming and taking selfies of one another, photographers taking pictures of the sun fast sinking behind the waves, there were even stray dogs running around in the water.

In the distance one could hear the dull throb of music emanating out of the shacks. The shacks are a great place to sit and chill on the beach if running around in the water is not your idea of fun. Cold beer and a plate of masala prawn is something worth experiencing in Goa. There isn't a beverage, alcoholic or otherwise, which the staff cannot get for you and all top of the line brands.

Once the sun goes down all the party places start up on the beach and for younger folk dancing till dawn is a great way to unwind and enjoy Goa. For more staid folk, settle down and order your main course which could be anything from batter fried fish with tartar sauce or a tuna salad, or if you like Goan --- try the fish curry rice, or the prawn curry rice. Everything eaten on the beach is invariably delish!

All along the entrance to the beach people sell Beach wear which include shorts, sarongs, flip flops, hats and even glare glasses. There are also the fancier restaurants which make the roads leading in look like Bali. Seriously, the prices too compete. All these upmarket restaurants are as pricey as the shacks, because Goa makes its money off the tourist. But what the heck, it's worth the spend, you after all are on holiday!

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