Night At The Museum 2 - Battle Of The Smithsonian

Night At The Museum 2 - Battle Of The Smithsonian
Larry Daley has left his job at the Museum of Natural History to join the corporate world. But when he learns that the exhibits he left behind at the museum are set to be moved to the storage archives of the Smithsonian. But when some of his old pals are in need of help, Larry is off to rescue them from Kahmunrah, who wants the tablet that magically brings things to life in order to bring in an Army from the underworld. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching "Night at the Museum 2 - Battle of the Smithsonian".

∙ When Larry takes Kahmunrah to the "Cube of Rubick", Kahmunrah is holding the gold tablet in his hand. But when the squid escapes and then the sabre tooth tiger skeleton breaks free, the quick view of Kahmunrah shows his hands are empty. But when the squid grabs him, he tosses the tables in the air.

∙ When Custer is explaining to the group what they're going to do, the right side view of Dexter shows his hands are in his lap. It cuts to a close-up of him when Custer says they'll jump out and attack and his right hand is up and pressed against his face. It cuts back to the original view and his hands are back in his lap again. Also during this scene, when Custer is explaining the plan of attach, Attila the Hun is standing behind Custer's left shoulder. When Sacajawea raises her hand, Attila is standing behind her left shoulder. When Custer sits down, Attila is back to being to his left again.

∙ During Kahmunrah's conversation with Oscar the Grouch and Darth Vader, Ivan the Terrible is behind his right shoulder. Behind Ivan is a guard with a shield. But after Vader closes the trash can lid on Oscar, Kahmunrah is shown waving goodbye and behind Ivan the Terrible, the guard is gone and Al Capone can be seen farther back and in color.

"Night at the Museum 2 - Battle of the Smithsonian" (2009) stars Ben Stiller, Amy Adams, Owen Wilson, Hank Azaria, Robin Williams, Christopher Guest, Alain Chabat, Steve Coogan, Ricky Gervais, Bill Hader and Jon Bernthal. It runs 105 minutes and is rated PG for mild action and brief language.

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