Santa Claus - The Movie

Santa Claus - The Movie
A beloved toymaker and his wife lose their way while delivering toys on Christmas Eve and awaken into a life of immortality and in the company of elves. Now known as Santa Claus, the toymaker's new mission is to deliver toys to children on every Christmas Eve night which is what he does through the centuries. With the business of the twentieth century, he takes on an assistant in the form of the inventive elf Patch which turns out to be a disaster when the toys Patch has created via a mechanic assembly line begin to break one by one. After being fired as Santa's assistant, Patch heads to New York where he tries to show Santa what he's truly capable of doing by working for the not so nice toy tycoon B.Z. who has his own evil plans to oust Santa himself. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching "Santa Claus - The Movie".

• In the twentieth century, Santa has just come home and is sitting at the table with Mrs. Claus. Dooley comes in the "next year's schedule" and Santa begins to lean toward his soup bowl, asleep. Mrs. Claus yells "No" and reaches out her arm and grabs him. It cuts to a close-up of Santa and Mrs. Claus isn't touching him.

• When Cornelia puts the plate of food outside for Joe, the soda can she places next to it has the printed word "Coke" facing the camera. When Joe reaches the can, it's the cursive "Coca Cola" lettering that's facing the front. Also, some of the food in the plate have been moved around.

• During the press conference after the Puce Pop has come out, one of the news reporters asks Patch who made his outfit. The view of him and B.Z. when he answers shows B.Z.'s left had is holding onto the back of the seat Patch is sitting in. It cuts to a rear view and his left hand is on Patch's back. He then is seen putting his hand on the back of the chair. A few moments later when B.Z. says "my pal Patch, here...", he's shown putting his hand back in the middle of Patch's back. But when it cuts to the front view of the two of them, his hand is on Patch's left shoulder.

"Santa Claus - The Movie" (1985) stars Dudley Moore, John Lithgow, David Huddleston, Judy Cornwell, Burgess Meredith, John Barrard, Christian Fitzpatrick and Carrie Kei Heim. It runs 107 minutes and is rated PG for some frightening/intense scenes.

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