Draft Day

Draft Day
Sonny Weaver Jr knows football. As the General Manager of the Cleveland Browns, it’s his job to make the team selections in the NFL’s annual draft day. But when he trades for the number one overall pick in the draft, he has to decide whether to go the popular route and choose hot-shot quarterback Bo Callahan or go with his heart on Vontae Mack. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching “Draft Day”.

∙ When Sonny answers the call from Vontae Mack while driving his truck, the number shows 434-168-3924 on the screen. It also shows the call is at a minute and thirty-three seconds and is on hold. A few moments later when he ends the call, the screen shows “private number” and the call is at thirty-four seconds.

∙ Sonny and Coach Penn are arguing after Penn sets the draft analysis on fire. In the close-up of Penn, when he says “…they win, a lot,” he shows Sonny his Super Bowl ring and his right hand is in a fist with the wrist side/palm side facing up. It cuts to a front view of Sonny (side of Penn) and he’s holding out his hand wrist/palm side down.

∙ Ali and Penn are sitting at the table in the cafeteria. In the rear view of Ali, she’s fiddling with a report on the table. When Penn mentions the Browns brought him to Cleveland so they “could get one of these,” at the bottom of the screen, Ali can be seen picking up a pencil in her right hand. The scene cuts to a front view of Ali when she begins to speak and she’s holding the report in both hands with the pencil on the table next to her right hand. It cuts back to the previous view and she’s holding the pencil once again.

∙ Ralph is telling Sonny about Callahan and the playbook story. Ralph mentions talking to “Jack Tate in Washington” who has the number five pick. Later, when the news crew are talking about “back in 1983…Dan Marino…,” at the bottom of the TV screen, the order of the draft picks are shown and number five is shown as being Denver with Washington at number seventeen. Denver is also number five when Sonny is trying to negotiate with Jacksonville.

∙ After getting off the phone with Bo Callahan and asking him about his twenty-first birthday party, Sonny gets up and shuts the door to his office before he walks over to the window. A few seconds later, Ali appears and the door to his office is open.

∙ CAUTION: May Contain Spoilers! When Sonny tells his mom she’s going to be a grandma, they embrace and her arms wrap around him. In the front view of Barb (rear of Sonny), his arms go around her (under her arms) and she reaches out to Ali. It cuts to a rear view of Barb (front of Sonny) and Sonny’s hand is now on her left shoulder.

“Draft Day” (2014) stars Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, Chadwick Boseman, Terry Crews, Frank Langella, Denis Leary, Sean Combs, Ellen Burstyn and Sam Elliott. It runs 110 minutes and is rated R for brief strong language.

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