Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite
Napoleon Dynamite isn’t part of the popular “click” at school. Things aren’t much better at home where he has to deal with his brother Kip and Uncle Rico. But things change when he meets Pedro, a new student at school, and Deb. What sort of hilarious hijinks are in store for Napoleon? Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching “Napoleon Dynamite”.

∙ Napoleon calls home and Kip answers the phone. Kip has been grating cheese into the plate on the countertop. The grated cheese is there in one view but gone in another. By the very end of the scene, there is a pile of cheese stacked high enough that it falls off the plate.

∙ Also during this scene, Kip picks up the phone with his right hand. In the course of a few seconds, the phone cord is in front of him/across his chest, under his right arm/running behind him in the following view and then back to the original position of being in front of him near the end of the scene.

∙ After Deb leaves her things, including the boondoggle key chains, on his porch, Napoleon approaches her in the cafeteria. Deb is eating her sandwich while he’s talking to her. At first there is mayonnaise on her upper lip but in the following view, the mayo has now moved to the side of her lip.

∙ Napoleon goes into the bathroom while he’s at the dance. The rear view of Napoleon shows him taking out his pouch of gum. Then, while holding it with his left hand, he reaches into the pouch with his right hand and starts to bring the gum to his mouth. But in the next side view, the gum is now in his left hand when he puts it in his mouth.

∙ Uncle Rico decides to cause trouble for Napoleon by paying a visit to Deb at the photography studio. When Deb is talking about getting the fan going, Rico walks up behind her and his necklace is outside of his clothes. In the next close-up view, his necklace is under his vest.

∙ After he gets the telephone call from Deb, Napoleon runs out on the front porch and yells at Uncle Rico because he’s “ruining everyone’s life and eating all the steak”. The house door behind Napoleon alternates from being completely open to partially closed during the scene.

∙ Uncle Rico is driving his van down the road when his windshield gets hit by a piece of flying fruit. The fruit hits the windshield and flies off. But when Rico stops the van there is now more fruit (at least half of the orange/grapefruit) stuck to the windshield.

“Napoleon Dynamite” (2004) stars Jon Heder, Jon Gries, Aaron Ruell, Efren Ramirez, Tina Majorino and Sandy Martin. It runs 96 minutes and is rated PG for thematic elements and language.

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