Step Brothers

Step Brothers
Brennan Huff is 39-years-old and lives with his mother, Nancy, while Dale Doback is a 40-years-old and still lives with his father, Robert. When Nancy and Robert meet on a business trip, fall in love and get married, the two step brothers have a hard time adjusting to their new life together. But when the two realize they both share a dislike for Brennan’s younger brother, Derek, they soon form an unbreakable bond. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching “Step Brothers”.

∙ Dale storms downstairs and asks Brennan if he touched his drum set. Brennan is on the couch, pointing the remote control toward the TV with his left hand. The scene cuts to a close-up view of Brennan when he shakes his head and he’s holding the remote in his right hand.

∙ The family, including Derek and his wife, Alice, are having dinner while talking about Derek’s fishing trip. Alice is holding her wine glass to her mouth with her right hand. When Nancy says she was sorry they missed the wedding, Alice starts to set her wine glass down. The scene cuts to a right side view of Alice and Derek (over Robert’s right shoulder) and she is picking up her wine glass and starts to drink. It then cuts to a front view of Robert and the wine glass is sitting on the table. When Derek starts talking about the southern part of the Gulf, Alice is drinking from her glass again. It cuts to a front view of Robert when he says he’s always wanted to go, and the glass is on the table.

∙ When Derek shows up at the tree house where Brennan and Dale are hiding, he takes a sip of beer from the bottle and sets the bottle down to his right. It cuts to a close-up of Derek and he’s still holding the bottle.

∙ In the front view of Brennan when the sporting goods manager makes the comment about it being a small room, Brennan’s hands are down. The scene cuts to a close-up of the manager (rear left view of Brennan), when he says “now the tuxedos…”, Brennan’s left arm is up and his hand is near his face.

∙ The kids jump off the jungle gym and walk toward Dale and Brennan. The rear view of Dale and Brennan show they’re standing still and have passed the tree near the playground. When Gardoki says “long time no see”, it cuts to a front view of Dale and Brennan who are still walking down the sidewalk before they have passed the tree.

∙ Dale takes the Chewbacca mask off when he’s talking to Brennan. The scene cuts to a close-up of Brennan (right side view of Dale) as he sits on the bed. Dale is still talking and when he says the words “all they think about”, his lips aren’t moving.

“Step Brothers” (2008) stars Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, Mary Steenburgen, Richard Jenkins, Adam Scott, Kathryn Hahn, Seth Rogen and Robb Riggle. It runs 98 minutes and is rated R for crude and sexual content, and pervasive language.

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