Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor
Rafe and Danny are lifelong best friends. When the two become pilots in the military, Rafe finds himself in love with Evelyn, a military nurse. When Rafe’s aircraft is shot down, Danny and Evelyn assume he’s been killed in action and while trying to find comfort in their sorrow, a romance blossoms between them while they’re stationed at Pearl Harbor. But things get awkward when Rafe returns, alive and well. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching “Pearl Harbor”.

∙ Rafe and Evelyn are spending time together the night before he departs for England. Right before they say goodnight, Evelyn gives Rafe a scarf which hangs around his neck and down past his shoulders. When Evelyn walks inside the building, the rear view of Rafe shows the scarf is gone. It reappears in the next front view of him.

∙ Rafe is on the train. Evelyn tries to meet him but is too late and proceeds to run between the trains. She stops and looks straight ahead. Toward the left side of the screen and the words “Silver Horizon” can be seen on the train behind her. Rafe is then shown looking out of the window at her (she’s still looking straight ahead, toward the left side of the screen) but the words on the train are missing. It then cuts to another close-up of Evelyn and the words are there again.

∙ After the nurses arrive in Pearl Harbor, the scene cuts to some of the members of the “Pride of the Pacific”. In a far view, one of the pilots can be seen painting a picture on the side of the plane with his right hand. But in the next close-up of his hand with the paint brush, he’s using his left hand.

∙ Petty Officer Dorie Miller is having a boxing match. In the close-up view, the referee is on the opponent’s left side just before he goes down for the count. In the next far/overhead view, the ref is now on the man’s right side.

∙ After Evelyn is shown on the beach, the scene cuts to Rafe sitting at a table with a letter. There is a glass on the table and the level of the drink in it changes throughout the scene. When the commander is talking to Rafe, the side view of the glass shows more liquid in it than when the scene first started.

∙ Danny and Evelyn are talking at the Black Cat Diner. There is a view of the table before Evelyn leaves and there’s no handkerchief on it. But after Evelyn is gone, Danny suddenly notices she’s left her handkerchief on the table.

∙ Evelyn and Danny have spent the night together. The next morning, Evelyn tries to talk to him. When Danny tells her that everything is going to be all right, his arms are wrapped around her and Evelyn’s head is against his right shoulder. But in the very next view, her head has switched to his left shoulder.

∙ The first time President Roosevelt is shown, he arrives at a briefing. He is in his wheelchair at the head of the table. There is a small but noticeable piece of dust/clutter on his left shoulder that appears and disappears throughout the scene.

“Pearl Harbor” (2001) stars Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, Kate Becknsale, William Lee Scott, Alec Baldwin, Jennifer Garner, Jon Voight and Cuba Gooding Jr. It runs 183 minutes and is rated PG-13 for sustained intense war sequences, images of wounded, brief sensuality and some language.

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