Sarah Connor doesn’t know it yet, but her world is about to change. As she goes about her daily life, two men are sent from the future to find her. One is a Terminator who is bent on annihilating Sarah, the future mother of John Connor, the leader of the human resistance. The other is Kyle Reese, sent back by John to protect her. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching “Terminator”.

∙ The Terminator walks up to the driver’s door of a station wagon and smashes his fist through the center of the glass. Some glass falls out as he opens the car door but the glass is still attached to the top and left side of the window. It cuts to a close-up when the Terminator gets in the car and most of the glass is gone.

∙ The close-up of the phone book page when Reese and the Terminator are trying to find Sarah, shows the three Sarah Connors listed. The first has an address of “1823 Doncaster”, the second shows “2819 East…” and the last one listed shows “309 Calder”. But the first house the Terminator shows up at has a house number of 14239. According to the police a while later, he was going in the same order as in the phone book.

∙ Sarah finds Pugsley on the bookshelf. In the left side view, after she grabs him, she’s holding him a few inches away from her left shoulder with her hand him. Pugsley’s head is up and his front feet are on her left hand. It cuts to a front close-up when she’s listening to the telephone message and she’s holding Pugsley against her shoulder with her left hand on his back. His right front leg is on her arm. The scene cuts back to the left side view and Pugsley is back in his original position.

∙ After the altercation at the club, the Terminator throws a police officer out of the way and gets in his cruiser. He takes the shotgun and puts it across his lap with the end of it sticking out the window. It cuts to a view outside the car as it backs up and the gun is no longer there.

∙ The Terminator picks up a scalpel while looking in the mirror. The right side close-up of him when he has the scalpel aimed toward his left eye shows there’s no blade in it.

“The Terminator” (1984) stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Michael Biehn, Paul Winfield and Lance Henriksen. It runs 107 minutes and is rated R for violence, frightening/intense scenes, nudity and language.

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