True Grit (1969)

True Grit (1969)
When Mattie Ross’ father is murdered, the young girl is determined to bring his killer to justice. With the help of the uncouth U.S. Marshall, Rooster Cogburn, who she hires to track the murderer, and Texas Ranger Mr. La Boeuf, who’s seeking a bounty on the same man, young Mattie tags along on to bring Tom Chaney to justice. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching 1969’s “True Grit”.

∙ Mattie and Yarnell arrive in town and walk over to watch the hangings. The second verse of the hymn, “Amazing Grace”, is being sung. It cuts to a view of children swinging and it’s the middle of the first verse, “how sweet the sound”, that’s being sung. The song is back to the second verse when it cuts back to Mattie and Yarnell.

∙ There is a wide view of the guests at the boarding house eating dinner. Mattie can be seen putting her fork down and wiping her mouth with a napkin. It cuts to a front view of her when Mrs. Floyd asks if she wants more dumplings and Mattie is holding her fork and eating again.

∙ A few moments later, Mr. La Boeuf shows up for dinner. When he sits down, he picks up the spoon and puts dumplings on his plate. It cuts to a left side view where he places the spoon back in the bowl and picks up his fork with his right hand. The scene cuts to a front view of him and he’s still holding the spoon for the dumplings. Also during this scene, when La Boeuf asks Mattie her name, the front view of her talking to Mrs. Floyd, shows her putting her fork down and she drops both arms to her side to scoot her chair back. It cuts to a left side view and her right arm is on the table where she puts the fork down again.

∙ Mattie walks into Chen Lee’s where Rooster Cogburn and La Boeuf are talking . The front view of Rooster, when he mentions “if we get jumped by an elephant…”, shows him holding his coffee cup in his right hand and his left arm is at his side. It cuts to a left side view and both hands and the coffee cup are on the table.

∙ Mattie, Rooster and La Boeuf find the hideout for Moon and Quincy. Rooster gives La Boeuf his jacket to put on the chimney. La Boeuf puts the jacket across his saddle and jumps on, sitting on the coat. In the farther view, when he rides up, the coat is over the front of the saddle and he’s holding it with his right hand.

“True Grit” (1969) stars John Wayne, Glen Campbell, Kim Darby, Robert Duvall, Dennis Hopper, John Doucette and Jeff Corey. It runs 128 minutes and is rated G.

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