The Rundown

The Rundown
Beck is a retrieval expert who only wants to retire from the business to open his own restaurant. But Beck’s work might be cut out for him when he’s sent on one last mission by his boss—to retrieve the boss’ son, Travis, from South America; something Travis isn’t willing to do. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching “The Rundown”.

∙ Beck is using a bag of frozen veggies on his bruises when he’s at Billy’s house. In one close-up view of Beck, the bag is on the counter in front of him, near his right hand. In the following overhead view, the bag of vegetables have moved away from him, to Beck’s left.

∙ When Beck is talking with Billy after the bean bag incident, Billy offers him an envelope that includes one more job. When Billy says “Come on”, the close-up shows the towel is on his left shoulder. But the following front view of Beck and Billy before Beck picks up the envelope shows the towel is gone.

∙ Beck walks into Mariana’s bar. The first close-up of Beck shows him putting his sunglasses in the pocket of his jacket. But in the following far view, Beck is shown doing the same thing again.

∙ When Beck first talks to Mariana, she is sitting at the end of the bar with a glass of orange juice. The orange juice is almost gone. When Beck makes the comment about bartenders, Mariana gets up and walks behind the bar. She has the glass with orange juice with her. When she asks “What can I get you?”, she takes a sip out of the glass. The glass now has more orange juice than it did before.

∙ Beck first meets Travis at Mariana’s bar. When Beck knocks him to the floor, a close-up of Travis while he’s being handcuffed shows him on his stomach. But, in the very next view, when Beck picks him up, Travis is on his back.

∙ When Travis first lights the match igniting the methane deposit in the cave, a close-up of Beck shows him holding on to a rock at the edge of the water. When the explosion occurs, Beck can be seen letting go of the rock and submerging in the water. But the next overhead view, when Travis jumps in the water, shows Beck in his original position at the rock.

∙ During their time in the jungle, Beck’s shirt has three noticeable slits on the upper part, near his left shoulder. But, near the end of the movie, when they’re battling Hatcher’s men, there’s a view of the bus exploding. When Beck is walking toward the camera, the holes on his shirt are reversed and appear to be on his right side.

“The Rundown” (2003) stars Dwayne Johnson, Seann William Scott, Rosario Dawson, Christopher Walken, and Jon Gries. It runs 104 minutes and is rated PG-13 for adventure violence and some crude dialogue.

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