Peter Pan (1953)

Peter Pan (1953)
It’s a great adventure for Wendy Darling and her younger brothers John and Michael when Peter Pan and Tinkerbell arrive and take them to Neverland. Will the children, along with the Lost Boys be able to outwit the treacherous Captain Hook? Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching the animated classic “Peter Pan” (1953).

∙ At the beginning of the movie, Nana walks into the nursery while John and Michael are playing. Nana is shown walking across the room and she puts a pillow on the bed. When she turns around, there are now two building blocks in the floor behind her which she picks up. But the blocks weren’t there before.

∙ When Mr. Darling finds his dress shirt with chalk marks one it, John tries to explain that it was in the story that Wendy told them. When it cuts to Mr. Darling when he says “Wendy?” and begins to walk to the door, there is an extra design on the shirt. The design is gray and in the lower middle of the shirt. It’s not there before and it’s gone when Mr. Darling turns around when Wendy starts to walk in the room.

∙ Smee signals the rest of the crew when Peter Pan returns to Neverland. He has a whistle that’s tied around his neck. But the whistle wasn’t there during the previous shaving scene and it’s gone afterwards.

∙ Peter Pan and Wendy go to the lagoon to see the mermaids. Wendy is standing on a rock when she calls for Peter Pan and the mermaids try to talk her into going for a swim. At first the rock is small, with nothing on it. But a few moments later, the rock has grown in size and Wendy picks up a seashell that has now appeared.

∙ Peter sees the rowboat with Captain Hook, who has captured Tiger Lilly. In the side view of Hook, he is wearing a huge flat hat that runs horizontal (left to right) on his head. However, in the rear view of Hook (with the crocodile following the boat), there now appears to be a huge feather on top of the hat. When he is at Skull Rock in the next scene, the feather is clearly shown.

∙ When everyone arrives back at the hideout after the evening at the Indian Village, Wendy tells John and Michael they will be going home in the morning. When John and Michael are dancing around, Michael is standing on John’s black top hat which has a white feather with a red tip sticking out of the front. It’s still there in the close-up when Wendy approaches Michael and tells him that he needs a mother. But in the following wide view, the feather is gone.

∙ Wendy is explaining their adventure to her parents. John is asleep in bed and his left arm is at an angle where his hand is over the side of the bed and his arm is bent at the elbow. Nana pulls the blanket up far enough where it’s against most of his upper arm, down to the elbow. A few moments later Mrs. Darling approaches and John’s arm is straight (not bent) and the blanket isn’t touching his arm. Mrs. Darling actually bends his arm and puts the cover over him.

“Peter Pan” (1953) feature the voices of Bobby Driscoll, Kathryn Beaumont and Hans Conried. It runs 77 minutes and is unrated.

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