Victoria and Lilly are taken by their father, who’s on the lam after killing several members at his financial firm and then his wife. When the car they’re traveling in skids off of an ice covered road and crashes, the trio seek refuge in a small, isolated house in the woods. But the house isn’t as deserted as it seems. When their father attempts to kill the girls, the presence in the house annihilates him. Fast forward five years, where the girls’ uncle, Lucas and his reluctant wife, Annabel, have been trying to locate the girls. When hired trackers finally find them and bring them home, Lucas and Annabel soon realize the girls didn’t come back alone. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching “Mama”.

· Annabel is talking with her bandmate, Nina. In the right side view, Annabel is holding the licorice in her mouth. When it cuts to the left side view close-up, Annabel is holding the licorice in her right hand and her hand is down, near her stomach. It cuts to a front, right view, and her hand is up, near her shoulder, holding the licorice.

· Annabel is lying against Lucas’ feet in the hospital bed. In the wider view of the two of them when he mentions “I am a cool uncle,” Annabel’s right hand is positioned over his leg, facing the camera. It cuts to a close-up of her and her right hand is tucked under her head as she looks up.

· Annabel takes Dr. Dreyfuss’ laptop from his office. When she picks it up to put it in the box, the word “VAIO” can be seen branded on the top. But, when she gets home, takes the computer out of the box and is reading the file on the computer, the top is blank with nothing branded on it.

“Mama” (2013) stars Jessica Chastain, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Megan Carpenter, Isabelle Nelisse, Daniel Kash and Jane Moffat. It runs 100 minutes and is rated PG-13 for violence and terror, some disturbing images and thematic elements.

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