How to Recognize Spousal Abuse

How to Recognize Spousal Abuse
Spousal abuse signs aren't always easy to detect. A partner may claim to have found the love of their life. Yet, their actions tell a different story. A display of violence in any relationship, is a sign that something is seriously wrong. The following " red flag " warning signs are examples of spousal abuse:

1. Hurtful Sarcastic Teasing

Partners who tease their spouse using sarcasm and name calling are abusive. Calling a spouse " stupid ", " loser " or " crazy " is demeaning. Derogatory name calling of any kind has nothing to do with love. Shaming someone by calling them names is a common sign of spousal abuse.

2. Sending Out Spies

An insecure and manipulative partner who sends out spies to follow their spouse around town, lacks boundaries. Spying on cell phones and computer usage is also manipulative and abusive conduct. Anyone who has problems respecting the privacy of others, is displaying unacceptable social behavior.

4. Scare Tactics

Partners who break things and punch walls are displaying threatening behavior. Any behavior that's meant to frighten someone is abusive. Partners who can't control a violent temper, regardless of the reason, need anger management classes or counseling.

5. Split Personality

An abusive partner may act like the nicest person on earth in front of others. Meanwhile, when they get home alone with their spouse they become violent. One day they're treating their spouse like royalty. The next day they're dishing out blows. Living with spousal abuse means living in fear of sudden personality changes.

6. Threatening Suicide

Threatening suicide is abusive behavior. Threats of any kind are meant to scare someone into submission. A partner who threatens to kill themselves is trying to get their own way. Trying to force anyone to comply to one's wishes is manipulative. Bullying behavior in any form is emotional abuse.

7. Forcing Sexual Relations

A partner who forces their spouse to have sex is using implied violence to get their needs met. Sexual relations should take place by mutual consent. Forced sexual relations in committed relationships are signs of abuse. Forced sexual relations in any relationship is called rape.

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