End Of Days

End Of Days
Jericho Cane is a former cop who has lost everything. Trying to get to the bottom of an assassination attempt against one of his clients, Jericho, aided by his partner, Bobby Chicago, meets Christine York, a young woman who is also being threatened. What role does Christine play in this intricate plot and who is “The Man” that’s after her? Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching “End Of Days”.

· When baby Christine is born, a side view shows the nurse a.k.a. Mabel covering her with a towel/blanket. But, in the next view, when Mabel takes the baby to clean her up, the towel/blanket is no longer covering her chest.

· When Jericho and the security force are securing the area, there is a side view of “The Man”, who has been possessed, getting out of his car. He starts to turn up the collar on his coat and he’s noticeably not wearing any gloves. The scene cuts to a front view of him and he’s still turning up his collar but this time he has black gloves on his hands.

· Jericho visits the church and talks to Father Kovak. The priest leaves the room and Jericho follows him down the stairwell. When the priest opens the door, he pushes it into the room. There is a brief glimpse of a room and there’s even something on the wall behind the door. However, when Jericho follows, the door only opens into a narrow stairwell and the door opens out.

· Father Kovak is explaining things to Jericho and Christine. He writes the number 666 on a piece of paper and turns it upside down, showing 999. The scene cuts away from Father Kovak but when he’s shown again, the numbers on the paper are noticeably different.

· “The Man” shows up at Jericho’s apartment. In exchange for Christine’s whereabouts, “The Man” offers to give Jericho his family back. When Jericho is reliving the attack on his family, he runs toward one of the killers and tries to jump on him. However, the killer is transparent and Jericho crashes into the Christmas tree that’s standing in the corner. But, right before the mirage disappears, the Christmas tree is once again upright.

· After Christine’s nightmare, there is a montage of different announcements indicating the date is December 30th. One of the newscasters announces there is blood flowing from the hands of the infant Jesus Christ in the Pieta sculpture. However, the sculpture doesn’t depict the infant Christ. Michelangelo’s Pieta, which the artist sculpted from marble in the late 1400’s and is currently on display in St. Peter’s Basilica, depicts Christ’s mother, Mary, holding Jesus after his crucifixion.

“End Of Days” stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gabriel Byrne, Robin Tunney, Kevin Pollak, Rod Steiger and Miriam Margolyes. It runs 121 minutes and is rated R for intense violence and gore, a strong sex scene and language.

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