First Wives Club

First Wives Club
Elise, Brenda and Annie are three life-long friends who have drifted apart but are reunited after the death of their friend, Cynthia. Each are having relationship troubles and after rekindling their friendship, each vows revenge against their husbands who have left them for younger women. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching “First Wives Club”.

∙ After Cynthia’s funeral, Brenda, Elise and Annie are reminiscing at a restaurant. In the side view of Brenda when she asks “How are you guys”, the waiter is shown placing Elise’s drink on the table. Annie then answers “Just fine” and in the wide view, the waiter places Elise’s drink on the table again. Also during this scene, when the women are talking about plastic surgery, Elise has the glass in her hand. But in the next view of her, she picks the glass up.

∙ When the trio sits down at the restaurant, Elise takes her sunglasses off and folds them. But, in the view after they order drinks, Elise’s sunglasses are flat on the table with the “stems” over her napkin. After Elise makes a comment about Annie’s newsletters, the glasses are positioned with the lenses against the table and “stems” sticking straight up. Later in the scene, they are folded again.

∙ Brenda and Duarto see Morty and Shelly out shopping. When Morty and Brenda are talking, he gives her a blazer that is still on the rack. The front view shows Brenda holding the garment with her right hand. The side view, however, shows she is holding it with both hands. When Brenda puts the blazer back, the front is facing out. But when Morty walks away, the blazer is now turned and the back is facing the camera.

∙ Brenda, Elise and Annie plan to take business records out of the penthouse Morty shares with Shelly. Duardo is able to get Morty and Shelly out of the penthouse but the two come back sooner than expected. When Gunilla calls Duardo to warn them, Duardo runs into the upstairs office. When he runs into the office, the door in the background shuts behind him. However, in the following view, the door is open again.

∙ Shelly is having a “social luncheon” with Gunilla. When Gunilla tells one of the servants to “get the fork”, the servant reaches out with her left arm. But, in the next view, it’s now the servant’s right arm that is holding out the plate to get the fork.

“First Wives Club” (1996) stars Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler, Diane Keaton, Maggie Smith, Sarah Jessica Parker, Dan Hedaya, Stockard Channing, Victor Garber, Stephen Collins, Elizabeth Berkley, Marcia Gay Harden and Bronson Pinchot. It runs 103 minutes and is rated PG for thematic elements, some mild language and sensuality.

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