Intralipids and IVF Success

Intralipids and IVF Success
Intralipids just might help you to get pregnant if you have experienced repeated unexplained implantation failures. A 2015 study (1) examined the effect of intralipids infusion on the outcome of ICSI cycles in women with multiple unexplained implantation failures, and the results are hopeful. For couples who need a little extra help to get an embryo to stick and thrive, intralipids infusions just might be the ticket.

This prospective randomized controlled trial included 203 couples with a history of multiple implantation failures defined as 2-6 failed ICSI cycles with transfer of ten or more high grade embryos. Women with common causes of implantation failure such as uterine fibroids and/or polyps, endometriosis and hydrosalpinx were excluded as were women with clotting disorders.

Intralipid infusions were given between days four and nine of ovarian hyper-stimulation, and once again, within a week of receiving a positive pregnancy test.

Women who received intralipid infusions had markedly different outcomes from their ICSI cycles. Women who received intralipids had more than double the clinical pregnancy rate - indicated by a fetal heart beat and gestational sac - 35% compared to just 15% in untreated women. And, most importantly, the live birth rate was 33% in treated women compared to just 13% in the untreated group. The researchers came to the following conclusion:

“Intravenous Intralipid 20% infusion improved significantly the clinical pregnancy rate, the implantation rate and the live birth rate in ICSI cycles in women with history of repeated implan- tation failure.”

The good news about intralipids treatments is that they are relatively inexpensive and are considered to be extremely safe, unless you are allergic to eggs of soy which are both present in the infusion.

Receiving the infusion at an independent infusion center can sometimes be considerably less expensive that in a hospital, and if you want to discuss this treatment with your physician you may want to research the best treatment facility to keep your costs down.

If you have experienced repeated implantation failure, you may want to discuss combining intralipids treatment with an endometrial scratch biopsy (2) which has also demonstrated an uncanny ability to improve IVF success after failed cycles.

This article is intended for informational purposes only ad is not intended to diagnose, or to offer medical treatment or advice for which you should consult your physician.


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