Batman (1989)

Batman (1989)
Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman has his hands full trying to put an end to the Joker’s evil plot while balancing his relationship with reporter, Vicky Vale, who’s hot on the trail of the caped crusader. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching 1989’s “Batman”.

∙ During Bruce Wayne’s charity ball, Alexander Knox puts a piece of paper money on Alfred’s tray. Alfred quickly picks the bill up in his right hand. However, in the very next view, when Alfred passes Vicky Vale, he’s still holding the tray but the money is nowhere to be seen.

∙ When Joker and his goons show up at the museum, they ransack the gallery, adding their own personal touches to the artwork. One of the henchmen is shown putting red hand prints on the portrait. Later, when Joker is imitating a statue, the same henchman is behind him to the left and standing in front of the same portrait but the handprints aren’t there.

∙ The Joker is on television, announcing his plans for the celebration. When Bruce Wayne pauses the video, the Joker’s eyes are closed. There is then a flashback to the night Bruce’s parents were killed by Jack Napier in his “pre Joker” days. The young Jack’s eyes are a pale, bluish color. When the scene comes back to the paused video, the view of the Joker shows his eyes open and his eyes are brown.

∙ When Bruce Wayne visits the site of his parent’s murder, he puts two roses on the sidewalk. Vicky Vale follows him, stops and looks at the roses. The roses have been moved between the two shots. The roses are at slightly different angles and the buds of the roses are closer to the sidewalk crack when Vicky looks at them.

∙ Batman and Vicky are trying to escape the Joker’s goons. When the Batmobile is blocked, they attempt to escape on foot. Once the coast is clear, Batman picks up his radio and summons the Batmobile, bringing his arm down when he’s done. But, when the vehicle stops, his arm is up with the radio still in front of his mouth.

∙ When Bob brings the photos he has taken to Joker, he tosses the folder they were in to the floor. Later, when there is a wide view of the room, the folder is nowhere to be seen.

∙ The Joker has balloons at his celebration. The first one that appears goes from being in front of the Joker’s float, to be being behind the float, to being above the float. The balloon also alternates between being behind the Joker in some close-up views to being gone altogether.

“Batman” (1989) stars Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Kim Basinger, Robert Wuhl, Pat Hingle, Billy Dee Williams, Michael Gough, Jack Palance and Jerry Hall. It runs 126 minutes and is rated PG-13 for violence and frightening/intense scenes.

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