Extreme Makeover Ideas For A New Year, Life, Taxes & Other Stuff

Extreme Makeover Ideas For A New Year, Life, Taxes & Other Stuff
Every so often, every now and then everything in your life seems to be completely out of sync, running awash, disorganized, disheveled, running amuck and in general in need of an Extreme Makeover. Now this disorganized icky state of affairs often corresponds with the beginning or the ending of something – a romantic relationship, a friendship, a job, unexpected expenses, the completion of a project, or a brand new year. It is unfortunate that sometimes things end that we don’t really want to end but it is important to realize that every ending, even if it’s unwanted or sad, is also a new beginning. Every calendar year ends but as the last second of the year ticks away it is immediately followed by the first second of a new year. This statement seems cliché in that it’s been made in various forms more times and more ways than anyone could ever count; but it is a fact and it is a good one at that.

Every morning when you wake up it’s a new day! Again is this statement cliché? Yes, it is but it’s also true. Every January 1st it’s also a new year. Both of these statements include the word new – a word that implies starting over, doing over, beginning again, another chance or opportunity – New Beginnings! What does that mean? Here are some ideas.

•You can make new lists of all the things remaining on your old lists on new pages in new tablets or in new computer files with only the carryover items that are still important and new items of importance.

•You can start a new page or a new file for anything and everything and it seems a logical thing to do.

•You can set up organizers for each of your projects so that they run smoothly from the very beginning.

•You can set up a new realistic budget that you can live by according to what you actually have available instead of what you like to pretend you have available.

•You can set up an organizer for your tax information so that as each item is received that will be needed to complete your tax return you can put it right into your tax organizer for a smoother less frustrating tax preparation experience (see links below).

•You can take a hard look at your financial goals and put meaningful realistic plans into place for debt reduction, savings goals, relocation and/or homeownership goals, retirement goals, entrepreneurial aspirations, travel and vacation goals, or any other financial goal that has always been a dream or has always been eluding you and has always been just out of your reach.

•If you are operating a business it might be a good time to consult with your tax and legal professionals to determine if you need to change your current business entity form, i.e. Sole-proprietor to S-Corp or creating an LLC for your business, etc.

•You should certainly take a good long look at your current health picture and resolve to make appropriate changes to improve it as needed.

•You can decide to become the person that you always wanted to be and take steps in that direction. You can become the person you imagine you are in your most ambitious vision of yourself. You can become the Legend that you only imagine that you are in your own mind. Just take the first step! You can do it! I can do it! We can all do it, one resolution and one step at a time!

Resolutions whether formal or only retained in your mind are your outline for changes you want to make. Just remember the important thing is to begin finding solutions and to make new beginnings possible. Resolutions are acknowledgements of the solutions that you intend to find and use as you go forward with each new beginning. The important thing is to seek out solutions and embrace your new beginnings with anticipation, resolve, and a positive attitude. You are the architect of your Extreme Makeover, you are the builder of your future, and you are the person who will thrive by following through on your changes and plans. Change what’s not working - enhance what is working - and think about new ways to make your life what you want it to be. Don’t just think about having wonderful new beginnings, find ways to make them happen. Organize your life (including your taxes) one day, one resolution and one change at a time. Now get going! You have work to do! Become an Extreme Makeover of your best vision of YOU!

As always, I hope you’re enjoying Tax Facts on the Taxing Subject of Taxes and as we all move forward I will attempt to continue to present tax information to you with a lighter twist and occasionally with an inspirational touch!

Kate Woods

“I Aspire To Inspire”

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