My Super Ex-Girlfriend

My Super Ex-Girlfriend
All seems well when Matt Saunders meets Jenny Johnson. After a passionate night, Jenny reveals that she is none other than the superhero G-Girl. But things aren’t so super when Matt ends their relationship and G-Girl becomes intent on revenge. Here are a few movie mistakes to look for while watching “My Super Ex-Girlfriend”.

∙ At the beginning of the movie, after the jewelry store heist, the getaway car makes a right turn. An overhead view of the car and the road shows the road is completely clear around the vehicle. The scene cuts to a view from inside the vehicle when one of the robbers says “we did it, right” and the view from the front windshield shows a car directly in front of the getaway vehicle.

∙ When Jenny and Matt are having dinner, Jenny is holding her glass early in the scene. At first she is holding the wine glass by the stem. In the close-up view, she’s holding the glass part. The angle switches again and she’s then holding the glass by the stem once more.

∙ Jenny and Matt go out to dinner for the first time. While Matt is in the restaurant waiting for Jenny to return, he’s talking to Vaughn on the phone. Between the time Vaughn says “Unbelieveable” and then Jenny returns, the items on the table are different. There is now a bluish-green bowl on the table that wasn’t there before.

∙ Professor Bedlam is trying to cut G-Girl’s hair with the saw blade. The blade bounces around the room and hits Lenny in the left shoulder. The blade changes position between the close-up, when it first hits him and in the next wide view when he falls down. In the first view, the blade is angled diagonally falling left to right. But in the wide shot, the blade falls diagonally from right to left.

∙ CAUTION: May Contain Spoilers! At the very end of the movie, Hannah asks Jenny if she needs any help. When Hannah puts her fist out, she’s wearing black gloves on her hand. A moment later the gloves are gone.

“My Super Ex-Girlfriend” (2006) stars Uma Thurman, Luke Wilson, Anna Faris, Rainn Wilson, Eddie Izzard, and Wanda Sykes. It runs 95 minutes and is rated PG-13 for sexual content, crude humor, language and brief nudity.

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