Pomegranate and Sperm Motility

Pomegranate and Sperm Motility
Pomegranate fruit - Punica granatum - is extremely rich in polyphenols and has long been associated with improved fertility, and recently, consuming the fruit has been credited with some important benefits for sperm health.

Pomegranate fruit has been demonstrated to stimulate production of sperm - spermatogenesis - and to increase sperm counts, sperm motility and multiple measures of sperm quality in animal studies (1,2). And finally, research has begun to unravel the benefits of pomegranate extracts in male sub-fertility.

A 2014 study (3) examined whether tablets containing standardized extracts of pomegranate combined with greater galangal rhizome - Punalpin - would increase the total number of motile sperm in a prospective, randomized, controlled, double-blinded trial with seventy sub-fertile men.

Treatment lasted for three months and sixty patients completed the study. The results demonstrated that the total number of motile sperm increased significantly in patients who took pomegranate and greater galangal tablets, and sperm motility increased by a total of 62%. Treatment did not influence sperm morphology.

“Our findings may help sub-fertile men to gain an improved amount of motile ejaculated sperm by taking tablets containing preparations of pomegranate fruit extract and rhizome of greater galangal."

Other studies have demonstrated how pomegranate may improve the fertilization capacity of sperm (4) hopefully more studies will follow to rigorously examine the potential of pomegranate for improving male fertility.

If you plan to consume more pomegranate products to improve fertility, be aware that the beneficial effects of pomegranate may be reduced by processing techniques such as pasteurization which use heat (5). Squeezing your own pomegranate juice or liberally including the raw fruit in your diet may give far more benefit, or purchasing a carefully made extract.


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