Pedro and Other Walnut Varieties

Pedro and Other Walnut Varieties
Home gardeners can choose from a number of walnut tree varieties. Some are more hardy than others. Here are some outstanding varieties.

Pedro English Walnut

Suitable for zones six through nine, Pedro English walnut is a good choice for home gardens, Quite compact, the small, adaptable tree is only 25 to 30 feet or so in height. It only requires 400 chilling hours.

The tree tends to bloom very late in the season. This begins bearing about two to five years after planting. Pedro English walnut is reportedly the best tasting walnut in taste tests. These ripen late as well.

The plant is self fertile.

Stark Brothers Black Gem Walnut

Recommended for zones five through nine, this tree can be somewhat larger than some walnuts. It is generally 40 to 60 feet in height. The original tree was found in Washington.

Black Gem walnut produces large crops of nuts that ripen in late September. These have a thin husk that is easy to remove. The tree begins bearing about four to six years after planting.

The nut meat is very light colored with a delicious flavored. Black Gem walnuts have thinner shells, so there is less shell and more nut meat.

The trees are considered self fertile.

Stark Bountiful Butternut

Suited to zones four through seven, this tree reaches 40 to 50 feet in height. Bountiful butternut can begin bearing at an early age—about two to three years after planting.

This variety is noted for its very large nut crops. Ripening from late August to September, these mild flavored nuts are easy to shell.

Bountiful butternut is a self fruitful variety.

Stark Champion English Walnut

Suitable for zones five through nine, this tree reaches 30 to 40 feet in height. The original Stark Champion English walnut was a seedling that was introduced to the U.S. before World War II.

This high yielding tree begins producing crops about six to seven years or so after planting. Splitting when ripe, the Carpathian-type nuts are excellent quality and ripen in early October. These are easy to crack. The medium-large nuts have a very rich pleasing flavor. They can be stored for long periods.

Although Champion can be self fertile, a pollinizer ensures this bears better crops. Suggestions include Lake English walnut.

Stark Kwik Krop Black Walnut

This was chosen as the best black walnut variety by the Black Walnut Growers Association. It is suitable for zones four through nine. Stark Kwik Krop black walnut is 40 to 60 feet tall.

The trees begin bearing when they’re quite young—two to five years or so after planting. The easy to shell nuts yield mild flavored, light colored nut meats. They ripen in early October.

This variety is self fertile.

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