Going shopping to COSTCO in the US

Going shopping to COSTCO in the US
I enjoy going shopping with the kids to COSTCO while in the US. The reason is simple, the quality of the fruit, cheese, nuts or anything we buy there is top quality. So we start off by finding parking difficult as the crowd is huge and everyone is out with their families. Round and round we go till finally we wait for a car to pull out and Andy rips into the open space.

As we get ourselves a cart and go in, one has to display the membership card to enter. No one can buy anything or even go in without a membership. Amazing right that people pay to go to COSTCO, but it’s only once you make your purchases, you realise the value of a membership.

If you are a single person, COSTCO is not the way to go. But if you have a family everything you buy there is of large quantities and excellent quality.

So we start off going through the computer and the tech driven appliances. When I was buying my computer I looked at what was on display, but I got a better deal in the DELL showroom. That section does not interest us but certainly whatever is in the garden section does. Garden ornaments, garden furniture, bird houses, bird seed and everything to do with gardens are on display and sale. Our top quality Knock out roses we bought from COSTCO on sale and they are amazing in the garden year after year. This time there were early blooming tulips in tubs and a deal on high quality roses, which we did not look at, since it is winter.

We just wander around the furniture sections and the lights, to see what’s new and on display. Christmas time brings a lot of new lights, which make the kids ponder over whether they should go for one particularly lovely set or not.

Onwards to the clothes and coats section. Annika finds a lovely jacket for Alaina which is excellent for her to wear to school. The little one is happy that her Mum, has picked something for her and stops badgering them for things, for a little while.

Onwards to the wine section to pick up bottles of Merlot and Proseco champagne for the christening. I know nothing about wines and the kids are no better, but they call a friend and then decide which one to buy.

The freezer section which holds the fresh fruit is literally a walk in freezer and I dont really like it, but run in and out to pick up a punnet of strawberries. Then ofcourse we have to collect a box or two of croissants, which will do very nicely for breakfast, for the house full of rellies, who will descend for the christening.The croissants are just grilled, to become crisp and soft every morning and can be enjoyed with butter or jam with a hot cup of coffee..

Andy sees large pecan pies on sale which he picks up for his hospital nursing staff and a tray of cheese cake which he says they love to demolish. Sometimes we pick up a rotisserie chicken for me which I seriously plough through the week. Like Annika says, I am a white person in a brown skin as far as taste in food goes.

The actual fruit section draws me like a magnet and I pick up globular california grapes which I absolutely enjoy , some pears, a Honey dew melon and a bag of small oranges for Alaina. The fruit is of excellent quality, but like all fruit need to washed throughly before consumption.

Everywhere there are tasting stations where little old ladies stand in uniform, making small portions in cup cake cases and shoppers can taste them. I look for the cheese tasters and avoid the sweet caramel or any chocolate, which are given out as tasters. The cheese looks divine and the slabs are massive and normally what I take when I return to India. Both the Gouda and the Cheddar varieties. I also like collecting bags of walnuts, prunes hazelnuts besides the cheese when I return.

We go around the freezer section looking for pot stickers with prawn ( shrimp) filling and Indian samosas besides the tiny quiche which are extremely delicious. There are 100 meat and fish filled pastry and meat patties which are quick and easy to serve. These are great to have in the freezer and which can be served if we suddenly have guests. There is no little kaka shop where we can rush down to buy samosas or pakoras to serve a sudden and welcome visitor.

We look for my sugar free icecream in the icecream section, which unfortunately is no where to be seen.And the kids pick up their favourite Lindt chocolates.

We have reached the check out spot and I dont wait in line, preferring to go out and sit in the little cafe where we pick up a snack. I have never veered from the hot dogs one gets here, with everything on top. I absolutely love the relish and the minced onion and of course wash it down with my favourite beverage -- coke zero.

As we leave Alaina is excitedly clutching the bill which is given to the little old ladies who see us out and draw a smilie face on the bill to her complete delight. I enjoy COSTCO’s and every single time I visit I have to go there several times before I leave.

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