Mille Bornes

Mille Bornes
Mille Bornes is a car traveling card game for players age 8 and above. The object is to reach exactly 1,000 miles. The game is from France and Mille Bornes means a thousand milestones in French. It is recommended that people play in groups of 2, 3, 4 or 6 players.

There is a special card deck that can be found in many stores that offer games. The deck consists of 115 cards that include hazards, remedies, safety, and distance cards. The names of the various types of cards mean exactly what they indicate.

Hazard cards can consist of flat tires or being out of gas. Remedy cards can help by offering repairs or spare tires. Safety cards offer right of way and puncture proof tires. Distance cards can range from 25km all the way to 200km. There are more cards than are described here, this is just a sampling.

Pick a dealer and that person deals six cards face down to each player. Each player can see their cards, but they need to keep the cards a secret, as in most games. Play continues to the left.

In front of each player, cards go into what is called a Driving Zone. In each driving zone, there is a place for all of the types of cards you can draw and play as described above.

The rest of the cards get dealt face down in the middle of the table. This pile is now the draw pile. On your turn, you pick up a card from the draw pile. Play one card either on your own driving zone or that of an opponent. You can only play one card, always leaving yourself six cards in your hand at the end of your turn.

There are ways of getting around hazards and such. In the bottom corner of each hazard or other unfortunate cards, there is a picture of the card needed to correct the circumstance.

When you play a safety card, you get another turn right away. If you draw and play another safety card, you take yet another turn. A special safety card is the Right of Way card and it is the most powerful card in the deck.

Of course there are more rules and play ideas described in the instructions that come with the game. They may look more complicated than they really are. This game is for people ages 8 and above, so everyone can have great fun playing this game.

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